Simplify your selling

  • Instant recording

  • Cash Management

  • Staff Management

  • CRM

  • Cloud - Based

  • Inventory - Management

  • Report

  • Mobile App

Instant recording

  • Receives purchase orders.

  • Scans new inventory as it arrives.

Staff Management

  • Speeds up new staffs with an intuitive and easy to learn interface.

  • Keeps track of your employees’ ins and outs and sales records.

Cloud Base

  • Accommodates your customers and optimize your sales.

  • Gets detailed reports on all aspects of your storage system.


  • Gets all the business reports.

  • Updates data in real time.

  • Stays accessible anywhere, at any time.

Cash management

  • Performances each item with the cost of goods sold report.

  • Reports the projected profit.

  • Estimates profit margins.

Integrated CRM system

  • Centralizes CRM system.

  • Keeps track purchasing status from all locations.

  • Identifies customers profiles to drive their loyalty and increase come back rate.

Inventory Management

  • Adds elements to a product.

  • Categorizes items with relevant custom labels.

  • Creates work orders, special orders, and layaways for customers directly in the system.

Mobile App

  • Clears up the cash register area faster.

  • Customizes your POS with your own's look and feel for more consistency.

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