Delivery impeccable service

  • Kitchen Display System

  • Cash Management

  • Staff Management

  • CRM

  • Cloud-Based

  • Inventory - Management

  • Instant reporting

  • Menu Management

Get quick order status updates.

Avoid any lost or forgotten tickets left at the printer.

Kitchen Display System

  • Easy to manage, track, measure, schedule. 

  • Maintain payroll details.

  • Personalize accounts with employee-specific settings. 

Staff Management

  • Stay synced anytime, anywhere.

  • Enhance customer experience with only one information database. 


  • Add, clone, and organize menu items.

  • Easy to modify to react with customer special order. 

Menu Management

Account for and manage cash in the till with simple pay-ins and pay-outs

Cash management

  • Record customer's profile and buying history.

  • Drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers.


  • Track recipes against menu item.

  • Determine ingredient-level food costs with ease.

  • Auto-updated with in-service alerts.

Inventory Management

  • Post sales data on a daily basis, save time and reduce errors.

  • Draw insights from omprehensive end-of-day summaries, and other detailed reports

Instant reporting

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