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  • Booking

  • Cloud-Based

  • CRM

  • Report

  • Inventory Management

  • Cash Management

  • Staff Management

  • Treatment Management

Online Booking

The system allows customers to make appointments via your website or Facebook page 24/7 and notifies you in advance about them.

Staff Management

It helps to keep track of employee’s performance without breathing
down their neck all the time with our sales management software


A cloud-based system allows recovering fast data for all scenarios. You will have everything synced, including orders, customer and employee database.


It helps you keep a close eye on revenue, employee’s performance, the rate
of return customers, and more, which is an optimal sales management
system to improve and develop your business.

Cash management

A professional sales management system with a strict cross-checking
process offers you to control over your cash flow better.


CRM allows saving time as it lets you manage appointments, payment, and personal information. The system supports loyal customer care programs.

Inventory Management

You can manage all the product transactions and inventory, especially with a thorough solution to manage your inventory cut down on loss, theft and
support developing efficient financial plans.

Treatment Management

Users can add unlimited treatments

  • Prices and discounts

  • Custom Treatments 

  • Treatment time management

  • Overall efficient 

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