Provide a number of simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use features to help you stay in front of your stock in the back.

A seamless integration

of your POS System

Set up and get a daily sales receipt, stock alert, a profit - losses reports and more


Track Inventory Status

Adding, sorting, binding, categorizing, markdowning, selling any types of items, and having returns
automatically re-added to your stock

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Enhance Customer Experience

Recording detailed purchase history, preferences, and contact details

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Low Inventory Alerts

Receiving a daily stock alert email detailing items that are

low or out.

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Ultimate Inventory Management

Tracking trends, performing, and comparing results with goals to truly understand how your business is doing

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Fast Setup

Automatically adding inventory whenever item counts need adjusting.

  • Downloadable reports
    Exporting your inventory stock levels to a printable spreadsheet.


  • Stock alerts
    Receiving a daily email detailing items that are low or out of stock.

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Easy Modify

  • Quick and easy modifiers
    Adding item on modifiers and simply getting all orders just right.


  • More premium tools
    Managing cross locations with integrated reports on all apsects.

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