Meet the #1 POS system

for Salons and Spas

Simple, flexible and powerful

Meet the #1 POS system

for Salon & Spa

Simple, Flexible and Powerful

bePOS offer it, in one place






Cloud Base



Let our

Point of Sale

tell you...

  • Your customer profiles

  • Their booking and purchasing history

  • The service they book

  • The treatment they pay for

  • And their favorite Spa Therapists

Helping you to organize your inventory by

  • Properly measuring your treatment

  • Easily managing multiple variations

  • Tracking unit costs, dusty inventory data

  • Alerting low-stock notification

Give us a chance

to help you grow your business

  • Sales reports

  • Profit year over year

  • Recent sales

  • Sales per employee

  • Average transaction value

makes it easy for you to deliver on your promise on time, every time

accepts all payment methods and speeds up your customer checkout

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