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12 Best Salon Booking Apps Free For Salon Owners

How much time did you spend sending emails today?

Most salespeople spend 21% of their day writing emails. Unnecessary emails and dispatch can take a lot of time. Tools like appointment scheduling apps and booking software automate the meeting scheduling process with leads and existing customers.

So why should you invest in an appointment booking app?

You will speed up your sales process by allowing potential customers to book meetings when they are most relevant. And it makes it easier for people to schedule time with you by eliminating unnecessary back and forth emails. Plus, many of these tools sync directly with your calendar and send meeting reminders automatically.

Ready to see some of the best appointment scheduling apps? Let's dive in.

1. HubSpot meeting tool

HubSpot Meeting Tools allows you to synchronize your Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar, set your availability, and let leads and customers book time with you. Add form fields to your meeting page to capture contact information like names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. The meeting page can be sent as a link in an email or embedded on a web page or landing page.

When they book a time with you, the time is blocked on your calendar, and a confirmation email will be sent to the lead or the booked customer. This simplifies the scheduling process so you can reserve more meetings in less time. Plus, it integrates directly with the free CRM so you can keep track of your contacts and meetings. When leads schedule meetings, HubSpot automatically creates profiles for new people.

Eliminate meeting scheduling.

  • Put the right to book meetings in the hands of your potential clients.

  • Meetings sync with your Google or Office 365 calendar, so potential customers can always see your most up-to-date availability.

  • When you let leads automatically schedule meetings with HubSpot's meeting tool, you save hours on unnecessary emails.

It gives potential clients more flexibility in arranging the time with your team.

  • Send the team meeting link to allow potential customers to schedule time with multiple people in your organization.

  • No sales representative designated? Set up a circular meeting link so potential clients can schedule a meeting with the best performing sales rep for their schedule.

  • As leads schedule meetings with you, they're automatically added to HubSpot CRM, so your database will grow and stay organized.

Easily reserve other meetings by sending an email or embedding your calendar.

  • Schedule more meetings and generate more leads by embedding the calendar on your website - no coding required. Then sit back and let the prospect schedule a convenient face-to-face meeting on your website.

  • And if you emailed a lead, include your calendar link in your message to make scheduling appointments convenient (and less headache) for everyone.

Email Sequences

Put surveys on autopilot to keep them from slipping through cracks and have more time to close warm conductors.

Email Templates

Turn your most productive and repeatable sales emails into templates that you can access inside your inbox and share with your team.

Tracking Email

Knowing second, a lead will open an email, click on a link or download an attachment, and display the most relevant messages on the top of your activity feed. Then submit a perfect timing track.

Email scheduling

Schedule emails to be sent at a specific date and time, or use machine learning to email leads when they're more likely to engage.


Optimize your documents and personalize your pitch by seeing who views each document and which page they spend time on.


Link sharing gives potential customers the power to choose a time that works for everyone. Works with Google Calendar, Office 365, and HubSpot CRM.

Live chat

Connect directly with potential customers as they actively engage with your website. Route chats to the right sellers to build better relationships and close more deals.


Queue sales call lists, execute them from within your browser, automatically record calls to your CRM, and record calls with just one click.

Vending automatically

Use workflows to automate time-consuming, manual tasks: Turn leads, create deals and tasks, and more.


Available and customizable reports and dashboards allow you to share high-level business metrics with executives or learn more detailed metrics for your sales team.

Scoring potential customers predict

Prioritize your outreach based on potential customers' likelihood of becoming a customer, not to waste time trying to reach the right leads.

Integrate salesforce

Two-way synchronization with Salesforce means that a record of every email, meeting, call, and more is at your fingertips.

2. Setmore

Setmore is a free appointment scheduling and payment platform that allows you to create a public reservation site. The free account supports up to 20 calendars and employee logins so your team can start booking meetings. And you can send automatic appointment notifications to those who book a time with you.

Setmore empowers your business with a beautifully designed and super intuitive free online scheduling platform. Schedule appointments, video meetings in just a few taps, access customer data at your fingertips, manage multiple employee calendars in one account, and more. Setmore offers you a free online booking page to share with customers on your website or through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to book appointments with you!

  • Make appointments, create customer profiles, and send email reminders.

  • Add meeting video to appointments.

  • Get paid for appointments when you integrate your Square account.

  • Schedule appointments via your website, Facebook and Instagram

  • Up to 4 employee profiles, each with their own calendar. Create a free account and book your first appointment in minutes.

  • Choose from 4 account-level languages ​​and up to 14 Reservations Site languages.

Use Setmore for free for as long as you want. Upgrade to Setmore Premium for advanced features:

  • Grow your team with up to 20 employee profiles

  • Help reduce absences with text reminders.

  • Manage your time better with 2-way calendar sync with Google or Office 365

  • Keeping customers coming back with recurring appointments

  • Pay with Stripe or Square

Setmore Premium is an auto-renew subscription service that lasts until you turn off auto-renew. Payment will be charged to your Google Account upon sign up. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current billing period. Manage your Setmore Premium subscription settings by going to your Google Play subscription Settings after purchase.

The Setmore app for Android can be used alone or in tandem with your online Setmore account. Schedule appointments, add video meetings from your phone, store customer contact information for quick reference, manage multi-staff schedules, and share the Online Booking Page, all from your smartphone:

  • Make an appointment on the go

  • Add / Delete video meetings

  • Synchronize data with your other devices

  • Receive push notifications for new appointments

  • Access customer list

  • Check out employee schedules

3. SimplyBook

SimplyBook is an online booking system specifically designed for service-based companies. You can integrate SimplyBook with your existing website or create a custom booking page within the platform. They also have social media integration that allows you to accept bookings directly from Facebook and Instagram.

Accept online reservations

The booking site is optimized for your own mobile device or integrated with your existing site. Additionally, direct bookings are accepted via Facebook, Instagram, and Google. SimplyBook.me business scheduling software is built with sophisticated needs in mind, allowing real-time scheduling and managing your bookings. The software is suitable for different business areas and variable processes and settings. This is the solution to growing your business by increasing customer engagement through all of your sales channels.

Your own account manager will be at your side, ready to help when you need help with new technology, training, or deployment questions. You'll have your own Slack channel where you can communicate directly with your account manager. On top of that, we provide consistently excellent direct customer support for your employees.

Notifications via SMS / Email

Remind staff and customers whenever an appointment is booked, canceled, or rescheduled. With push notifications on your mobile phone of new booking information via the admin app. Email, SMS reminders, and automatic booking confirmation notifications to keep your guests on time.

Schedule a meeting with our business advisor, let them know your request, and they'll notify you immediately if they have the right business scheduling software for you. They don't work on projects that they don't feel are suitable for our software as this just creates an inconvenience and a bad experience for both you and them.

Security is paramount

SimplyBook is GDPR compliant, with a dedicated security team and DPO staff providing industry-leading privacy and security. Click here to read about all the security measures we have taken to ensure that your data is in safe hands.

Secure communications and all data backed up daily. We even have a dedicated security guard to keep the team on hand!

Accept payment

Accept payments and send money online through various payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, etc., or accept cash or card on-site through our POS system.

Integration & API

Integrate scheduling options on the Website, Facebook page, WordPress, or other CMS systems with our widget solution. Or use our extensive API, which allows business scheduling software to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and thus build your own custom integration according to your requirements. Use the callback URL to get notified if a new booking is created, canceled, or changed. You can use this to integrate relevant information into whatever system you're using or insert it into your own database for further analysis.

Customizable features

Over 50 customizable features, designed to allow you to streamline the online scheduling system according to your needs. Whether you need your customers to fill in their details before an appointment or accept payments when making a reservation, they do.

Features like; Coupons & Gift Cards, Product Sales, Membership, Classes, Promotion System, HIPAA, SOAP, Enrollment Form, Packages, POS, Deposits, Related Resources, Tickets and more than that. Tailor your booking website to suit your brand and customize all messages for notifications, reminders, request feedback, and more.

Room for development

Unlimited services, unlimited service providers, unlimited customers, and unlimited system users at no extra charge! A dedicated server can be set up for business customers that require a white label system and higher reliability, performance, and security.

Business analysis

Track your most popular bookings, website visits, service providers, and services across any device, at any time, or from within the mobile admin app.

Top managers can view all KPIs for all branches, while area / local managers can only view their respective KPIs using a layered dashboard with different access levels. Stay up to date on your business, see which affiliates attract the most appointments, which vendors are the most popular, and who gets the best reviews. Easily access each subsystem to make settings changes.

Calendar sync

Sync the booking page with your Google or Outlook calendar to eliminate schedule conflicts.

Multiple locations

You may have multiple service locations and assign staff to those different locations and make reservations for the respective customers. Customers can book appointments via the web through many channels; Your reservation website, your own website, booking page, Facebook page, or Instagram profile.

Products & Promotion

Is the reservation slow? Offer discounts and even reward customers for doing promotions. Increase sales even further by selling products with pre-order.


The system automatically sends feedback requests after appointments so that customers can post their own reviews. Customers can also read other people's reviews.

Recurring reservations

Easily schedule recurring appointments and get reminded before each appointment. Increase conversions by allowing your customers to book appointments right from your website, through a link in your outgoing emails, or directly through your online advertisements. Business scheduling software for real-time rendering is available to all of your business consultants, allowing customers to schedule a convenient time when they are most interested in a booking solution. Their seamless multi-channel appointment schedule.

Easy to cancel

It is always better for customers to cancel appointments than those who don't show up! You can define the cancellation terms.

Group bookings

Schedule a group reservation at the same time and pay in advance if needed.

4. Square Appointment

If you're looking for a flexible booking and payment platform, then Square Appointments is worth your consideration. Through Square Appointments, you can set up a free customer booking website, trigger automatic email and text reminders, charge a cancellation fee for no shows, and accept integrated payments in one background.

Square Appointments has everything you need to run your business from anywhere: easy online booking for you and your guests, point of sale that tracks customer insights, and a secure payment system Full, fast — all in one place. It's free for individuals. And really affordable for teams. Get 24/7 online booking, automatic appointment reminders, seamless payment processing, and no-show protection with Square Appointments for Android.

Free for individuals

Run your business with Square Appointments, which is free for individuals. The sole owner pays only for the handling. If you have more employees and need extra calendars, try it out with a 30-day free trial.

Allows customers to book 24/7

No website? No problem - Appointments Square includes a free online booking website, so your guests can book anytime, from anywhere. Easily manage and accept bookings from apps on Android. And go to your Square Dashboard to turn on booking with Google Search, Maps, Instagram, and more.

Checking customers seamlessly

Every calendar entry has a play button, so you can quickly and easily accept payments, sell products, or send invoices all from one app. Customers can allow Square to store their cards on file through their customer accounts for faster payments.

Reduce absenteeism

Customers receive automatic appointment reminders, and you can request prepayment or charge a cancellation fee online.

Get to know your customers.

Take notes on all of your customers so you can keep track of their interests as well as their appointment and sales history. This is not just a calendar. Square Appointments is an efficient appointment scheduling, one-point-of-sale, and payment processing tool - all in one place.

5. Appointlet

Appointlet is a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution that helps businesses connect with their leads through email, landing pages, and sales funnels. Key features include individual or organization scheduling pages, automatic reminders, multi-time zone support, and a built-in calendar.

Appointlet offers custom branding features that allow businesses to customize their email and booking pages with their icons and colors. Users can also personalize their appointments by setting an available time for each day of the week. The scheduling page can be embedded on the company website, or the user can share it directly with the client via email.

Appointlet displays all team members' availability on one page and allows the customer to choose any group member's calendar to schedule an appointment. Members can use their own scheduling page to accept an appointment. The solution provides integration with various third-party sources such as Google Calendar, Office 365, Leadpages, and Wishpond.

Services are offered on a per-user subscription basis per month with support provided via email, chat, and online knowledge base.

This appointment booking software allows salespeople to customize their availability, create booking pages, and send them to leads and clients. The booking page can be integrated into your website, landing page, and email. While Appointlet offers premium pricing, its free version is permanently free. It includes unlimited bookings, meeting types, and form fields.

Seamless calendar synchronization

Appointlet seamlessly integrates with your Google Calendar and Office 365. We automatically add events to your calendar and guarantee that you'll never be pre-booked more than once.

Integrate throughout the sales funnel

Your scheduling page easily integrates into your website, email, and landing page - wherever your customers and prospects want to reach you.

Create workflows with your other tools

Thanks to our Webhooks & Zapier integration, you can link Appointlet to other apps you use like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, GoToMeeting, MailChimp, and more!

Works on any device

Appointlet's responsive design lets your customers do business with you the way they like, so you never lose out on leads that are always on the go.

Powerful time zone support

Appointlet translates to time, so you don't have to, easily makes global calls, and supports your distribution team.

Support your entire team

Appointlet can display everyone's availability simultaneously or let customers choose which members they want to book.

Reminder & Confirmation

Appointlet automatically sends customizable email reminders and confirmations to reduce out of office attendance.

Take control of your schedule


You decide when you are free. Book breaks between bookings, block last-minute appointments, approve meeting requests, and more.

Collect information

Appointlet gathers the customer & lead information you request when they book and records it right on your calendar for easy reference.

Collect payments

Accept payments from your customers using Stripe.

The brand can be customized.

Personalize your booking pages and emails to match your branding.

Multiple languages

Your booking page can be displayed in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, and more.

Timely and thoughtful support

They are available to assist via chat, phone, or email to ensure you maximize your investment in Appointlet.

6. Doodle

The free version of Doodle lets you create poll meetings to send out to customers and leads. Just like the paid version, meeting organizers suggest meeting dates and times and invited people to vote for the right dates for them. To remove ads from your polls, set poll deadlines, and collect contact information from meeting guests, you'll need to upgrade to the premium pricing level.

The Doodle scheduling software's paid version helps you find meeting times that are right for all attendees. The meeting chair proposes a meeting time, invites participants to indicate their readiness, and then the meeting chair chooses a final time. When the timer expires, a calendar event will be added to the chairperson's and meeting invites' calendars. Besides, there is a dashboard feature where you can manage all the meetings you have.

Schedule time with anyone. On any calendar platform.

  • Get a clear vision. Quickly discover who is present, when. No matter what calendar system they use.

  • Avoid scheduling errors. Sync your Google Cal, Office 365, or iCal with Doodle to avoid double booking.

  • Skip the email game. Submit your shareable Doodle URL to anyone. And stop sending emails back and forth.

  • Always in control. With Doodle, you invite people to choose one of the times you suggest.

Simplify 1: 1


The easiest way for two busy people to find time to meet. You would never send someone else a "When can you meet?" email.

Fool a busy group of people in minutes.

  • Find the best time for small or large meetings.

  • Stop the time zone headache. Doodle automatically determines the visitor's time zone. So there's no mistake.

  • Schedule a partnership. Submit your suggested meeting time. And see who is free - or who can - with the "if needed" vote.

  • Get clear, intuitive snapshots. See when everyone is free and choose a winning date.

Manage your schedule in one place.

Stay organized with Doodle's easy-to-follow interface.

Stay healthy with schedule changes. No more chasing people down or submitting updates. All of them are in the Doodle.

Simplified updates. Stream guest updates right from your Doodle dashboard.

Manage reminders. Set reminders to send or turn them off completely automatically. You decide.

Go Doodle Pro, Team or Business

  • Doodle is used by more than 30,000 companies worldwide.

  • Customize your brand. Add your company logo or brand colors and use personalized URLs. (Professional, Group & Enterprise)

  • Sync Doodle to Slack. Manage meetings inside your Slack workspace. (Groups & Enterprises)

  • Set up seamlessly with a dedicated Success Manager. Premium support and ongoing training keep your team moving quickly. (Enterprise)

  • Personalize your SLA. The SLA is customized to suit global companies with unique needs. (Enterprise)

Meet your new appointment scheduling assistant

  • Reservation calendars easily manage appointments for you.

  • Schedule a no-fuss appointment. Create calendar links and anyone who makes an appointment with you.

  • Always control the rules of the time. Allow leads or guests to request meetings with you, but only when you want.

  • Create multiple calendars. Adjust settings for different appointment types to boost your business.

  • Save time and achieve your goals. More appointments mean moving projects forward and increasing sales.

7. Calendarly

The free version of Calendly lets you book unlimited meetings, connect your calendar, create custom Calendly links, and send automated notifications and reminders to invited people. With the free plan, you are limited to one type of meeting.

Calendly's paid version offers various meeting types such as one-on-one, circle, collective, and group meetings. It's great for teams and offers team pages, metrics, reports, and admin features for managing reservations.

Calendly can connect with up to six of your calendars to automatically check availability and help you connect with your best contacts, leads, and customers.

Organize all types of meetings

  • One to one: Allow your invitees to schedule individual times

  • Circle play: Automatically deliver meetings to your team based on availability, priority, or equity

  • Group: Allow your invitees to schedule time with multiple team members at the same time. Organize multiple invitations at the same event for webinars, training, and more.

Take ownership of your scheduling experience.

  • Notification: Send emails and confirmation messages, and reminders to improve your failure rate

  • Buffer: Add time before or after the event

  • Daily limit: Limit the number of meetings per day

  • Minimum scheduling notice: Avoid last-minute meetings and give yourself enough time to prepare

  • Time zone detection: Show the invitee's availability in the time zone with smart time zone detection

  • Custom: Provide a tailored experience for your brand by removing the Calendly branding and customizing your listing

Empower your team for a streamlined and efficient workflow

  • Team page Provides a single view of different event types, allowing invitees to schedule with relevant people, topics, or events.

  • Admin features: Helps new and existing team members set up for efficient scheduling with helpful event types.

  • Centralized payment: Eliminate expense reports from each team member with one easy payout that includes all user subscriptions

  • Indicator + report: Get insights into invitee engagement and track campaign scheduling

Use Calendly with your existing trading platforms.

  • Calendar integration: Connect up to six of your Google, Outlook, Office 365, or iCloud calendars, so you're never double-booked.

  • Embedded website: Allow your customers to schedule them directly from your website

  • Integrate with your existing services: Integrates directly with GoToMeeting and Salesforce and connect other applications via Zapier.

  • Receive payments by credit card or PayPal: Accept payments from invitees when they schedule meetings with you with our Stripe and PayPal integrations.

  • Calendly for Chrome: Access Calendly link in one click and specify time available for unscheduled meetings to embed in an email

  • API + webhook: Create custom integrations with Calendly's APIs

8. Arrangr

Arrangr is a smart scheduling platform that allows users to book a meeting in less than 30 seconds. In addition to helping users find the best-agreed meeting time, Arrangr also seeks to prevent all misinformation meetings by allowing contacts to determine where and how to meet them both in the background. Bonus: Arrangr is part of the HubSpot ecosystem so that you can launch and send invitations to contacts from directly within HubSpot.

Whether you're setting up a remote One-on-One meeting, RSVP, or Group Meeting, Arrangr gets it all simple and easy. However, that does NOT mean the process is limited. Arrangr has full flexibility to handle any scheduling situation. Whether you're looking to schedule a lunch meeting at a specific conference room or restaurant or are looking to coordinate more than 30 people for a Zoom call, Arrangr has the ability to do that difficult task easy and simple way. Arrangr removes all traffic for best date, best time, best video method, all followers, integrates with everyone's calendar, keeps track of chats and reminders. Arrangr handles everything needed from A - Z.

Sales & Marketing

Arrangr's combination of proactive outgoing/inviting capabilities and the ability to come / book passively provide an advantage in maintaining sales and operational growth with customers and customers.

Arrangr can send meeting invitations via Arrangr's system or embedded in your own email for further customization. Never miss an opportunity to meet. Setting up the Scheduling / Booking page is simple and quick - with greater flexibility and customization than any other solution.

  • Integrates seamlessly with one's calendar to determine outstanding availability. Complemented with renowned integrations with CRM, video conferencing, and messaging tools give you the ability to quickly and easily schedule meetings in as little as 30 seconds. In other words, Arrangr has built the best breed scheduling tool that allows you to use any system you like with simplicity and clarity.

  • Increase sale revenue: Whether it's trying to schedule a sales call with a new lead or the possibility of a scheduling page arriving to handle a new opportunity, Arrangr has friends.

  • Invitation to take the initiative: Consider scheduling meetings with clients or clients. Arrangr sends 1: 1 Invitation, RSVP, and Groups easily through Arrangr's system, or you can quickly embed details in your own emails.

  • Never miss a reservation: Arrangr's extremely flexible scheduling/booking pages mean you never miss a potential meeting. Use your custom page on your website, in correspondence, in email signatures, and more.

  • Save time: Arrangr's scheduling app is built at a quick pace. In just 30 seconds, one person can "schedule" a complete meeting: date, time, method of calling or video, even location with directions, and an Uber call.

  • Effective: Dove is tied to speed as efficiency. Arrangr is designed to reduce redundant and repetitive tasks to increase scheduling efficiency by incorporating AI to refine this purpose continuously.

  • The result: Increased productivity: All of these features and scheduling capabilities lead to increased productivity and sales growth by allowing you to focus on the things that are critical to your business's success.

There is no doubt that time is difficult now. We were all forced to make enormous paradigm changes. Millions of us worldwide work remotely from home, and scheduling face-to-face time with colleagues, customers, and customers can be a little more difficult. However, Arrangr has teamed up with HubSpot, Google, and many other companies to provide some of our services for FREE. It's a small part of us to help out during these trying times. So Arrangr's Pro Plan will remain FREE until the current Covid-19 crises are over.

Send invitations, set up team meetings, get notifications - all on the go. Arrangr works at your desk or in the field through a progressive web app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device. Just visit our website, sign up for free, and then you will be prompted to add our app to your home screen.

Executive recruitment

Arrangr's professional, concise, and clear way of arranging client-candidate meetings gives the executive employer a time-saving advantage for completing open positions. Arrangr keeps this scheduling in its lane - so you don't neglect to maintain your client relationships.

Planning is about simplicity, ease, and clarity. Meetings are essential, and the last thing someone needs is chaos or confusion when setting up or confirming meeting invitations.

They built a Scheduler App to quickly get you back to your work, fully confident that the meeting will be coordinated and hassle-free.

  • Multiple scheduling pages: Set up one for yourself for clients and/or for each job.

  • Integrated calendar: Integrate your calendar to keep all your meetings clear and save time, whether it's Apple iCal, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Office / 365.

  • Temporary placeholder: Activate temporarily scheduled bookings, so there's no double chance of booking.

  • Integrated video conferencing to interview candidates: The best video conferencing of the breed is integrated into Arrangr's DNA. Fully integrated Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, GoToMeeting, or anything else you like to keep your scheduling activities simple and clear.

  • Meeting invitation outside: Arrangr is also built on proactive meeting invitations because sometimes you can't wait for the meeting to come to you.

9. Meetingbird

Meetingbird provides a clear and intuitive meeting scheduling experience for your users. You can customize it based on your own needs with time zone detection, group scheduling, and synchronized calendars. Best of all, it integrates with Gmail, Zoom, etc., so that you can do your best on the platform that you are most comfortable with.

Meetingbird's scheduling interface is clean and professional, making it easy for your clients or colleagues to find time to meet up. And with Meetingbird's powerful options, you can easily customize meeting time, location, time zone, and more.

Meetingbird's powerful integrations with Gmail, Zoom, Zapier, and more let you enhance your scheduling process.

Automatic time zone detection

Meeting birds automatically display the meeting time in the viewer's time zone.

Schedule from Gmail

Meetingbird's Chrome extension lets you schedule meetings faster in Gmail.

Integrated zoom

Automatically create a meeting Zoom when the meeting is pre-set.

Sync calendars from multiple accounts

Need to keep track of your schedule and personal to schedule it? They can handle it.

Group scheduling

Schedule meetings with multiple team members seamlessly or use the Poll to vote on the best time to meet.

Home page

Your home page allows viewers to choose from a variety of meeting types when scheduling meetings with you.

Award-winning user interface

A beautiful scheduling interface ensures a high conversion rate for visitors who book meetings with you.

Unlimited meeting types

Create multiple types of meetings if you need to manage unique settings for a product demo, sales calls, demo meetings, and more.

Advance Notice and Meeting Buffer

Prevent last-minute bookings and add pre and post-meeting buffers to prevent consecutive bookings.

Custom question

Add text and selection questions to your booking page to get more information from meeting requesters.

Event organization

Automatically create events that keep on your calendar to make time for certain meetings and prevent colleagues from adding conflicting events.

Custom branding

Full support for adding your own branding to your scheduling page (logos, taglines, colors, and more).

Confirmation email

There is the full ability to customize confirmation emails sent to meeting requesters after registering for the meeting.

Email reminder

Prevent an absence with an automated, customizable reminder email for meeting attendees.

Zapier integration

Connect Meetingbird to the rest of your workflow with Zapier.

11. Woven

Plan your day with multiple calendars in one place. Schedule all your events directly from the app. Use insights to change the way you work.

All so you can focus on what's important. Woven allows you to sync all of your calendars to get a full picture of your availability. Its scheduling features are extensive, including a poll, scheduling links, and availability status sharing.

Built for today's problems, Woven makes it easy to plan, join, and manage video events - helping you schedule with Zoom or Google Hangouts. And with multiple time zone integrations, Woven is built for remote working. You can search for people's leisure, poll your team, and share scheduling links to book an event directly from your calendar - whether it's work or home private or anywhere else.

Juggling between work and home? You also don't need to combine multiple calendar apps. With Woven, you can sync your calendars across multiple accounts to see your real date in real-time. Connect with Google, G Suite, and Office 365. Woven shows how you spend your time - so you can tailor how you're investing your most valuable resources.

You can create event templates with preset features to map out your ideal week and schedule it in just minutes. They want you to make the most of Woven. They offer personalized referrals, best practices, tips and tricks, and a world-class team to help you out - and just an email or a chat. They are constantly working to make Woven even more valuable and welcome your ideas on improving.

Smart template

  • Designed for your most common meetings: You can create templates for each regular meeting type! Customize details like time and place, then choose a template when scheduling your meeting. Your details will be pre-filled automatically.

  • Integrated scheduling link: Stop emailing back and forth about meeting times! Woven scheduling links help you with all types of schedules - so meeting time works for everyone, and the setup process fast and seamless.

Schedule link

Scheduling Links works with your calendar to help you find the right time to meet - without having to go back and forth.

  • No more scheduling battles: With Woven's Scheduling Link, you won't need to email back and forth to find the best meeting time. The scheduling link will work seamlessly with your calendar without the need for a separate app.

  • Save time and schedule faster: Let Woven coordinate for you. Scheduling Links automatically embeds your availability, so everyone will just need to choose the time that best suits your time. Meetings will be scheduled automatically, eliminating the need to go back and forth.

  • Ease of Use with Smart Templates: Link scheduling seamlessly works with the Textile Smart Template. You can create templates for each regular meeting type. Customize details, like time and place, and then choose a template when scheduling your meeting. Your details will be pre-filled automatically.

  • Share Your Links: Easily share Scheduling Links with others. This is ideal for independent and creative professionals who want convenience in providing the time available to multiple people. Share your Schedule Link via text with our iMessage app, in an email, web page, Slack, or another messaging service.

Share your availability

Securely share your free and busy time with the people you meet most often - without revealing your calendar details.

Robust, Secure Sharing: Woven calendar makes it easy to find time to meet with people inside and outside your company. When you share your free/busy status, people can know when you are free or busy and search for any free time that is coming. They cannot view your calendar details or make any changes to it.

Get started with Share Availability:

  • Choose your shared contacts: When you start using Woven, they'll ask you if you'd like to share your calendar with the people you meet most often. This will let them know if you are free or busy as they look for time. To add more sharing contacts, select Share Availability in the app menu or sidebar. They will schedule the event without any additional emails and will notify you. That's it!

  • Request availability from others: You can request availability from others to help you schedule them. When someone shares their availability, you'll find a time that works for both of you. They will schedule the meeting without any additional emails and will notify you. That's it!

  • Schedule faster: Once all invited people have shared their availability, scheduling is easy! Select "Find a time" in the event details, and you'll see all times that work for everyone.

Group poll

Collaborate easily by polling people right from your calendar.

  • Quick and effective: You can use Team Poll to plan your events: board meetings, client seminars, team outings, and more. We do not display ads or require registration; people just need to mark their availability and enter contact details.

  • Busy work automation: After you activate your Group Poll, we will collect the votes, tally the answers, and report back to you. When you have all the votes, you decide the final time to schedule.

12. Zoom.ai

Zoom.ai offers all of the usual meeting scheduling features like link scheduling and internal group scheduling. Its advantage, however, is the strong connections it has with your tech stack and the smart time setting and notifications system for the meeting buffer.

  • Schedule features to help you work faster, smarter, and better.

  • Schedule an all-in-one meeting: Quickly schedule every meeting without having to go back and forth. Zoom.ai supports video, 1: 1, group, and more.

  • Custom meeting types: Use pre-configured meeting types, enable our AI settings, or customize meeting details like video conferencing, duration, and availability for faster scheduling.

  • Set smart time: Automatically add travel times for off-site meetings, set progress times to avoid last-minute bookings, and always schedule in the right time zone with our smart time zone detection.

  • The meeting: Start your day with personalized morning briefings and keep your schedule up to date with all-day briefings. Sync your CRM or ATS to include lead or candidate insights.

  • Schedule notifications: Your meeting assistant syncs with your calendar, requests a meeting based on your availability and sends reminders to attendees while you focus on more important things.

  • Group meeting: You can quickly schedule team meetings easily with our smart group algorithm and ready-to-share features like Round Robin and Collective.

  • Bring your team together in less than 30 seconds. Find each other's availability instantly and intelligently find the best meeting time for group and group meetings. Welcome to simple team collaboration.

Get all meeting related tasks for the Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant.

  • Search for consolidation: Find everything you need in one place. Quickly search for files and more in Zoom.ai through your connected apps, including Google Drive, HubSpot, and Greenhouse.

  • Payment processing: Simplify paid sessions by making it easy for your customers to book time with you and pay simultaneously, powered by Stripe.

  • Embed a website: Engage visitors at a level of interest by adding a call to action to schedule a live meeting on your website.

  • Reminders in chat: Need a reminder to follow up on a candidate or to practice a pitch? Just ask your meeting assistant to remind you and get notifications on your favorite chat platform.

  • Details about everyone: Always know who you are meeting. Ask Zoom.ai for details about people or a warm introduction to learning more about who is in your meeting before you meet up.

  • CRM / ATS automation: Easily access information from your CRM or ATS to stay up to date with your processes and automatically record meeting details to keep your team up to date.

Zoom.ai works when you work, where you work.

  • Schedule online: The Zoom.ai web app is an all-in-one platform for scheduling your meetings, viewing the status of meeting requests, and managing your calendar.

  • Share schedule link: Want a one-click scheduling option? Share your availability instantly, and book a 1: 1 meeting with Zoom.ai's personal scheduling link.

  • Schedule from Chat: Schedule your meetings and more in natural language chat. Your Zoom.ai meeting assistant is built for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

  • Schedule it from your Inbox: Schedule meetings directly from your email inbox with our Outlook plugin and Gmail add-on.

  • Schedule with ATS / CRM: Rent or sell? Easily schedule meetings with your ATS or CRM contacts and automate meeting details.

  • Schedule from Text: Connect your phone number with Zoom.ai to conveniently schedule meetings and receive SMS meetings.

bePOS - Spa Management Software Highly Recommended To Use

bePOS is one of the most favorable POS systems for more than 10 countries around the world. The spa software is integrated with many features to support the management process of spa owners. Moreover, it is connected directly with customers through personal information data, gathering customer feedback. From there, the spa can conduct professional customer care services that meet their needs.

bePOS contains outstanding features of a POS system to support managers:

  • Booking Management

  • Cloud-Based

  • CRM

  • Report

  • Inventory Management

  • Cash Management

  • ​Staff Management

  • Treatment Management

Spa management software is designed to automate the day-to-day activities of the spa business and beauty parlor. It enables the spa managers to run their business, manage their daily schedule, appointment booking, staff, and inventory with just a button click. These functions help the spa owners save their time and save their money in the operation process.

Let's bePOS become your best assistant right now!

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