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14 Tips To Choose An Online Order App For Merchants

Online food ordering systems need to be implemented much more accurately and efficiently based on consumer needs and competition.

According to the survey - by 2016, 30,000 restaurants had registered the online food delivery brand, Eat24 by Yelp. When asked in a survey, 10% of them said they use a food delivery service once a week.

Food delivery has increased because online food ordering is growing at top speed. To get the maximum benefit, restaurant owners like you need to take advantage of the online ordering system. It helps increase loyal customers and repeat orders, improve reputation, enhance customer experience, and increase sales.

However, these benefits can only be achieved if you choose the right online ordering application online. There are many ways to get more orders for your restaurant, but if you want to give your restaurant and customers an edge, keeping up with the changing times, the online ordering software system is the best way. With huge growth potential and a forecast of a mobile food ordering business of $ 38 billion by 2020, it's not uncommon for restaurants with online food ordering software to be significantly more competitive than their counterparts.

The important question is, how do you choose the best online food ordering software for your business needs?

1. Easy & fast customization

Every restaurant is different and serves differently. Additionally, each restaurant has different colors, themes, images, and font styles that suit their restaurant and website.

So the first and foremost tip when choosing an online ordering system for your restaurant is to check if the system can allow you to customize the entire system according to your requirements. This keeps your ordering system in sync with your restaurant, and you can easily manage it effectively to turn it into a successful investment in your restaurant.

2. Attractive User Interface (UI)

An attractive user interface (UI) is the most important aspect of attracting your customers to buy. As a restaurant owner, you may have experienced that you can get more orders with an attractive website. Similarly, an online ordering system with an attractive user interface will attract customers to browse through your app and place an order there.

This even increases the percentage of repeat customers, leading to improved ROI of your online ordering application. Another tip is to search for the attractive online ordering app's UI before perfecting it for your restaurant.

3. User-friendly system

A great customer experience makes any business a highlight. An online ordering system is an investment to deliver a great customer experience and increase sales for your restaurant. So the online ordering app is where your restaurant customers will order food. The simpler and easier the system is to process the process, the more customers you will have. Can your customers order food on any platform, any device? User-friendliness also involves how easily your customers will order from the website and even their iOS or Android mobile devices. Your food ordering system needs to be user friendly to manage, place, and track food orders online.

Therefore, be sure to find user-friendliness in the online ordering system before making your choice.

4. Delivery Options

Did you know 61% of Americans surveyed in a survey said they were likely to get a full-service restaurant delivery directly to their home or office? This means the delivery is more acceptable and required by the restaurant customers. So, before moving on to choosing an online food ordering system, it's a good idea to check if the app offers the customer a delivery option.

More than 79% of customers have used online food ordering over the years, and with this number on a predicted trajectory, it is certainly a key choice for online ordering systems. The shuttle restaurant offers a convenience that customers love and want. The ability to order in their spare time and pick up at a time that suits their schedule corroborates the reason behind this option's popularity. With less resource usage and the ability to maximize sales, the option of receiving goods is preferred in many rural areas.

5. Pick up facility

Recently, we've seen McDonald's introduce a new “Click & Collect” feature in their apps. It is said that this feature allows your restaurant customers to order and collect according to their convenience. Such features or other types of pick-up features help your restaurant customers see your restaurant as their favorite. This allows them to choose your restaurant over others freely. Count this tip as important before choosing an online food ordering system.

6. Efficient Menu Setup

No restaurant owner is a Technical Expert. Therefore, learning and managing and operating an online food ordering system is quite easy and quick. An efficient, easy, and quick menu setup is what every restaurant owner looks for. This saves time and allows them to start more businesses. Here's another tip for you to find quick and efficient menu setup and setup processes that will help you improve your sales instantly.

7. Cost to fit your budget

Unique, user-friendly user interface and user experience are not enough to choose an online food ordering system. As a restaurant owner, you also need to sync with your budget. With all the features and functionality that the app has to offer, it's important to fit your budget as it shouldn't be overkill. This is not the only cost associated with improving sales. Additionally, you need to measure the expected ROI from the system before integrating it with your restaurant. So another tip to keep in mind is the cost associated with the ordering system before it completes.

8. Marketing Support

Online food ordering system is an important aspect of your restaurant as it will improve your sales. However, just putting this system in place won't help. You will need to promote it widely to share this news with your restaurant customers. Before choosing an online ordering system, you need to ask the developer or vendor how they will assist on the marketing front. Also, you need to check this with them to see if they have any incentives that will help you spread the word about your brand new online food ordering system to the world. Marketing support can be a complement to the features your online ordering application will have. You can see this as an option, but this is not a must.

9. Service Support & Maintenance

The most important challenge for restaurant owners is to keep their systems up to date with the latest technology upgrades and technology upgrades. You don't have to be a tech master; you need an online ordering app from a support and maintenance provider. This is a technology, and it is bound to have bugs. So there could be any problem like the system has some integration errors, orders not placed or properly tracked, some information omission, technical server error, and more. Looking at any such error, you might panic because it interferes with the order, proportional Rosales's impact.

Even so, technology is constantly changing, and so are customer needs. According to your customers' needs, you will need to upgrade your system from time to time to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. For anything like that, your app provider needs annual support and maintenance that you can leverage to keep your system up to date and error-free. So look for this option before choosing an online food ordering system for your restaurant.

10. Reporting

Business owners can't track the number of orders they receive daily, weekly, or monthly. The online food ordering application has a reporting feature that helps restaurant owners know how many orders they receive daily, weekly, or monthly, including weekdays and weekends, holidays, or weekdays. The online food ordering app's reporting feature shows you a summary of the total number of orders, deliveries, take-out items, and more, with an excellent user interface and simple language. This makes it easy for restaurant owners to measure their success over a given period of time. You can analyze restaurant statistics and measure your restaurant's ROI, and you can plan your next marketing plan to improve sales. So here is your final tip to check out the online food ordering system's reporting feature for your restaurant for a healthier investment in your business.

11. Compatibility

It wouldn't help to have an online food ordering system specifically designed for laptops, not this generation. With 83% of adults searching for a restaurant by cell phone to order food online, they have to choose software compatible with different devices. This important feature has an impact on the customer experience, and they will look elsewhere.

12. Fully customizable

Ideally, you want an online ordering system that integrates and accurately communicates with your brand. This should be through your new food delivery software, image implementation, and design if you are a creator. Systems that allow you to integrate your own professional images will generate more revenue. Business needs can change with the latest business trends, and so your food-ordering software must meet all future requirements in terms of functionality and design-wise. Choose a food order website builder or a Software Development Company that owns or develops a food ordering system representing your business online. In general, the online ordering system notifies the customer of the order menu and price and makes real-time changes. Rearranging, saving addresses, coupon codes, deals, and discounts are some of the important features that should be included in your food delivery platform.

13. Promotion

Loyalty programs like coupons, deals, and discounts are essential elements in choosing a food ordering platform. These factors greatly benefit restaurants, with repeat customers spending 69% more than new customers. This can be effectively marketed and boosted sales along with customer loyalty if successfully implemented.

14. Integration

Does the online food ordering system integrate with your POS machine? Is it an easy POS integration? Most commonly used food ordering systems integrate with major POS systems. This unifies your workflow in many ways. Online orders sent directly to your POS act like a store order and will be processed just like a traditional purchase, and restaurant operations continue as usual. Having a POS compatible food ordering system will save you time and money in the long run. It's wise to check with your POS vendor to see which systems can be used before deciding about the software and choosing the one you're technologically compatible with.

For a restaurant owner, choosing the right online ordering system is an important decision. Because marketing and sales both depend on it. Looking at the speed, online ordering is on the rise; there's so much more to come in the restaurant industry. Keep all of these tips in mind to make sure you choose the best online food ordering app for your restaurant.

bePOS - The Most Powerful POS System For Merchants

  • Kitchen Display System: Get quick order status updates & Avoid any lost or forgotten tickets left at the printer.

  • Staff Management: Easy to manage, track, measure, schedule; Maintain payroll details & Personalize accounts with employee-specific settings.

  • Cloud-based: Stay synced anytime, anywhere & Enhance customer experience with only one information database.

  • Menu Management: Add, clone, and organize menu items & Easy to modify to react with customer special order.

  • Cash management: Account for and manage cash in the till with simple pay-ins and pay-outs

  • CRM: Record the customer's profiles and buying history & Drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers.

  • Inventory Management: Track recipes against menu item; Determine ingredient-level food costs with ease & Auto-updated with in-service alerts.

  • Instant reporting: Post sales data daily, save time, and reduce errors & Draw insights from comprehensive end-of-day summaries and other detailed reports.

Moreover, bePOS have some special features that no POS System contain:

  • Track Costs: Track recipes against menu items and determine ingredient-level food costs with ease

  • Menu Engineer: Track recipes against menu items and determine ingredient-level food costs with ease

  • Improve Service: Keep staff aware of inventory levels automatically with in-service alerts.

  • Define Ingredients: Easily create and track ingredients, with costing and unit measure information.

  • Create Recipes: Associate common ingredients with menu items using tap-to-create recipes

  • Track Inventory: Easily update all menu items with ingredients in its recipe, especially; with Restaurant Inventory Management features, you can create and manage a limitless number of ingredients with the unit cost and retail price, mark any menu item out of stock, and straightforward inventory reports. Also, you can customize menu items with varied & detailed ingredients and inventory countdown. With purchase and order, you can easily report on inventory levels and suggest re-stock options.

Besides, if your restaurant needs more hardware, bePOS is considered to be the best solution for you, which includes:

  • iPad & iPad STAND: Apple tablet can operate as the POS terminal. Staff can take it to the table or leave stationary at a counter. Case (or stand) enclosures for your iPad, protect it from breakage, and safely secure a counter to prevent theft.

  • Cash drawer: This hardware bundle will help you build the perfect wireless experience. The cash drawer can connect through one of our supported printers and serial drawers.

  • iPhone & iPad: This is a small and portable version of your tablet POS system, which allows your employee to work on the move. The fast and reliable printer has innovative functionalities for POS environments. The small size makes it ideal for customers with limited counter space.

  • LAN receipt printer.

Using bePOS brings you better communication with display ticket times to keep track of turn around, which helps staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go. It reduces less hardware with display ticket times to keep track of turn around and help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go.

bePOS helps create an ultimate service with display ticket times to keep track of turnaround, which helps staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go. Get reports tailored to table-service restaurants: revenue centers, item and modifier sales, customer frequency, employee sales. If it hits the bottom line, we’ve got a report for it.

Try bePOS now, and we promise to give you the best experience ever! The food delivery market is spreading among consumers. Furthermore, it is a potential area for investment. If you want to create your own food delivery website, you have two options. You can use a template for your future website and hire a development team to customize it to your needs. Alternatively, you can hire a team to develop a completely custom solution for ordering and delivering food, which can be expensive but beneficial.

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