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30 Best Nail Designs Will Dominate In 2021

Like how our insulated fashion is largely dominated by repetitive sunglasses accentuated by rare make-up occasions, nail art trends have interspersed with nail polish. Easy simplicity and creative designs using bright and sparkling colors. Suffice it to say that home manicure has become an adventure of your choice, and it will only get more interesting in 2021.

With the WFH standard continuing in the first quarter, most trending nail designs are easily accessible from a DIY perspective and can be upgraded with cool add-ons, like rhinestones. or a smiley face. In advance of what's imminent in groundbreaking design, scroll forward and find your favorite nail style to try out in the new year.

1. Indie Nails Polish

Nail polish "Indie" is a category of independently owned and operated nail polish brands. They are usually mixed by hand in small batches and have a smaller distribution than mainstream drugstore brands like OPI or Essie.

The great thing about indie nail polish is that you'll see colors and sparkles that you can't find in stores because indie paint uses techniques that big companies will find too complicated or expensive to automate. That also means it can sometimes be difficult to buy popular indie brand colors ... but fans find it worth the wait.

Indie polishes are just as safe as anything you buy from a larger company, as the ingredients come from the same supplier and are cosmetic. They will last just as long! I have indie varnish that is almost 10 years old; apply like new, once I shake it well to mix well. You can buy indie nail polish these days - try searching for the #indiepolish hashtag on Instagram or search for a group of indie nail polish fans on Facebook, and hundreds will show up.

All indie brands have in common the desire to cross boundaries and create a polish, unlike anything you might find in a pharmacy. It's a form of art - people have independent polishing collections that number hundreds and thousands of bottles.

So seize the chance - although we can't promise you your first bottle of indie nail polish won't be your gateway into the great world of indie cosmetics.

2. Red French

While cherry red nails have been ubiquitous this holiday season, we'll see a combination of seasonal tones and the most timeless design: French nails in the new year. The result is a look that blends modernity and elegance, demonstrated by Boston nail artist Aline.

Only your imagination can limit the number of designs we can do when it comes to nail designs. While classic French nail designs are perhaps the most elegant of the nail designs, there are many classic variations. One of these variations is a red French-style nail that can also withstand a lot of changes.

Simple French red nail set

To do a red French manicure, you need to follow the same steps as with the classic French style, except that instead of white nail polish, you will use red nail polish. In case you don't know how to design classic French, here are the basic guidelines. You will need nail tips, foundation coatings, finishes, and red nail polish. After you've trimmed your nails, and cared for the cuticles, apply a base coat. After it dries completely, you paint the nail guides and then paint the nail tips red. When the red paint is also dry, you should apply the finished coat.

Color combination of French red nails

Red French nail designs do not have to be red. There are many colors that you can use in this manicure. The best color choice is probably black. However, this is suitable for more daring women who prefer gorgeous nail designs. To do this, you'll need to paint your nails black after the base polish dries. After the black nail polish also dries, you can paint the nail tips red with nail polish instructions. You can also paint your nails red and use black nail polish at the ends. You can combine other colors with the red French design: gold, white, gold, and silver.

Reverse Red French manicure

The reverse French nail is a simple nail design done in a similar way to other French designs. You paint half of the nail is pink, white, or yellow and when the nail polish dries, use the nail guides to create a smiley face at the base of the nail. After applying the nail guides, paint the rest of the nail yellow, and your original color will stay at the base of the nail in a smiley face shape.

Special nails

Most French nail styles are pretty simple, but you can make them more elaborate by adding a special design on your ring finger's nail. The special design can be done by hand or with small gemstones or nail stickers. You can also use nail markers to create sophisticated nail designs on one nail in each hand.

Polka dots

White and red are the perfect polka dots combination. If you are a fan of playful summer nail designs, you can try a red polka dot nail design. This manicure is very easy to do if you can do the classic French style. After painting the rod ends, use a pen or a thin brush to create small white dots on the red ends.

3. Branded Nail Art Design

Pay your respects to your favorite luxury brands with iconic nails from the companies you have chosen. Keep it subtle and elegant by sticking with a simple color scheme. Decorating French manicure tips with branded decals is a great example of wearing this style without going over the top. As a result, designer short names and small logos, such as Chanel's 'CC' or Louis Vuitton's acronyms, work best in confined spaces.

4. Gold And Natural Nail Art

Yellow and natural nail designs are a great way to enjoy nail art trends without looking overly lavish. If you have steady hands or a skilled manicurist, you can paint gold designs on a neutral background. Also, decals are a simple and easy option for creating beautiful patterns. Look for Aztec-inspired designs, stars, hearts, or even floral decals. This type of nail art can be surprisingly versatile and unique. Options for transforming this art include whether you choose pink, orange, or beige base layer or bright, soft, or rose gold accents.

5. Modern Nail Art Palette

If you want to get into the nail art trend but maybe not proficient with nail polish brushes, then this modern palette is just right for you. All it takes is a few different nail polish colors. It's simple but beautiful. Three colors are a great starting point. Also, choosing colors from the same side of the color wheel will keep you from colliding. Inspired by sites like Awesome Color on Instagram, which feature modern pre-made palettes that look great. Alternatively, you can go to Coolors.co and create your own color scheme and match it with the polish colors you already have.

6. Nail Art Inspired By Dyes

Reinterpret the boho dyeing look with this interesting nail design. The beauty of this theme is that you can get it to work in almost any color. Also, this is very easy to do at home. Just apply a white base coat, then work quickly; while the paint is still wet, dab your chosen colors on white. Then, place a bag of sandwiches on your nail and pat it down to merge the colors. You can also add extra details by using a toothpick through the polish. Remember that you must work quickly before the paint starts to dry and become sticky. After your hair dries, apply a layer of clear gloss paint to keep your beautiful tie-dye look new. Alternatively, use nail clippers.

7. Faces Nail Art Design

Bring some modern art into your nail designs with these faces. The attention to detail and contours on this nail art is simply superb. A good manicurist will have the skills and solid hands to create this look for you. Also, decals and nail wrap are a great alternative if you don't have a nail salon worker or want to style this at home. It's bold and unique and looks really outstanding with a combination of black and nude.

8. Love Heart Nail Art

Choose for yourself a sweet, romantic look with this love heart nail template. It's perfect for Valentine's Day, dating night, or just when you are feeling the spirit of Cupid. Pink and red are a classic color combination, and choosing a light pink background layer will make the red heart stand out. Plus, this design is easy to do on your own. Once you've painted your base color, just put two red nail polish dots side by side. Then, use a small nail brush to combine them into a heart shape, quickly manipulating the paint while wet. Finish with a transparent, glossy finish, and you're ready to feel love.

9. Eyes Nail Art

This eye-catching look in terms of both design and effect. It's a distinct style that combines black and white for the highest contrast. Draw eyes on the nail base that takes advantage of the cuticle's natural curvature to frame each eye uniquely. If black and white isn't your favorite combination, you can switch the colors around or even paint the eyes with more realistic colors. However, keep in mind that the more contrasting the color combination, the more prominent it will stand out.

10. Ombre Nail Art Design

Ombre nail art allows another rainbow nail art to be created. Plus, getting done with the right tools is incredibly simple. All you need is some nail tape, disposable makeup sponge, and your favorite nail polish color. First, apply tape to your fingers to avoid painting your skin. Next, paint the nails nude and let dry. Then, paint on the sponge and press it against your nails. Finish off by flattening the edges and adding a topcoat. Keep the look clean and simple by using a single color on a nude background. Alternatively, you can create some colorful designs by mixing several shades for different effects.

11. Colorful Nail Art

This colorful nail art will take you back to your high school art class. The paint colors are reminiscent of an artist's palette and are a unique way to incorporate an entire rainbow of colors into your nail designs. Combining colors with a nude base creates a balance and prevents you from spilling. You can choose any color to use and apply it to your nails' edges with a fine nail polish brush. The wavy edges are crucial for creating the paint palette look. This nail art is easy to do and fun, plus it looks great when it's adorned with a hint of gold.

12. Sweet Nail Art Design

Pineapple has a natural sweetness and flavor. Hence, they are perfect for creating this artistic nail design. The key to this look is not to go over the top. Pick one finger for the artwork and one finger for accent colors to fix the design. Then, keep the rest of the nails in a subtle nude color so that your sweet artwork does all the steps. Pineapples are the perfect fruit as the yellow color is a bold color, but you can choose any fruit for the same effect. Bright red apple or dark purple grape looks great. Your imagination only limits you!

12. Design Nail Art Line

Continuous line art enhances the skill for perceiving and interpreting the contours of an object. Thus, by incorporating line art into your nail designs, it produces a striking result. You or your nail technician will need a smooth brush and a steady hand to recreate this look. Then add a bit of color, which will really stand out against the black. Besides, decals and nail wrap are perfect if your painting skills are even younger than Picasso.

13. Nail Art Designs Inspired By Nature

There is nothing more beautiful than a picture than Mother Nature's most beautiful trees and flowers. Combine flowers and plants with a neutral base coat to create this beautiful, nature-inspired nail design. You can choose any flower you like, any color combination. Soft green leaves add to the look and balance, just like in a cluster of flowers. However, if you're unsure if your painting skills are right, try creating this design with a pencil or choosing nail stickers or nail clippers.

14. Minimalist Nail Art Design

Sometimes less is less. That is certainly the case with this beautiful yet minimalistic nail art. Use only one clear coat for the base, highlighting golden pearl ornaments and clamshells. It is young, lovely and elegant. Plus, this is a straightforward design to achieve yourself. All you need are some nail decorations and inner nail polish. You can also use any rivet, crystal, or trim to design a similar look.

15. Black And White Nail Design

Black and white is such a classic mix; it makes sense to apply it to modern nail art. The styling is extremely versatile and can be adjusted to suit almost any design. Keep it simple with thin black lines that cut through white nails, add zig-zag, or choose alternately black on white and white on black. To avoid the messy appearance, paint a few of your nails in a solid color to fix the design. Doing so is especially good if you have a busier pattern, such as stripes, on the fancy nails.

16. Cute Nail Art Design

A cute pastel color palette will take you from the office to the normal weekend with ease. However, instead of keeping it simple, choose a cute design that uses different shapes and shades, with black accents. You can really get creative with this nail art. Cute designs like these are best suited for shorter or more rounded nail shapes like round, almond, or oval nails. Plus, the matte finish is a lovely variation of the usual premium gloss paints and matches well with pastel colors.

17. Dot Art Nail Design

This dot nail art is simple and luxurious. One of the most significant benefits of this design is its versatility. You can use the same base color for all your nails, choose a tone variation on the same color, or choose a rainbow of colors for each finger. Then use contrast shade for a large, simple dot at a random spot on each finger. It looks elegant and is great for everyday wear. Plus, this distinctive design is easy to do at home.

18. White And Nude Nail Design

Transform classic French nails with this white and nude nail design. This design looks great on oval, round, and almond-shaped nails using concentric arcs of varying thickness. By alternating featured colors on each nail, between nude and white, you will add some fun. Ensure your arcs have the same shape using a pencil; otherwise, the effect may be lost with uneven lines.

19. Black, White And Nude Nail Designs

Start your engine and get ready to race with this black, white, and nude nail design. The black and white checkered line hints at the starting line on the track, and you will quickly win the fashion race. Nail stickers are the easiest way to achieve this look. Plus, it makes creating those lines a lot simpler. Change the direction of the lines for interest and movement. Finally, the nude base color allows black and white to stand out and be unique. Although you can switch to another facility, it won't have a complete impact.

19. Floral Nail Art Design

Who needs a bouquet when you can carry flowers in your hand all day? This floral nail art is wonderful and a great look for girls' lunches or weekend picnics. Choose any flower with any color to make it look personality. However, a neutral color scheme is easy to wear and versatile. If you have steady hands or a good nail technician, you can draw flowers of any kind. Meanwhile, wallpaper and stencils are a great alternative if you're not confident in free-forming this design.

20. Colored Tips Nail Art

Nail tape will be your best friend when performing coloring tips for this nail art. The color combination you choose can be anything you like, but combine it for a modern look. The key step to getting this theme to work is to make sure that you let each stripe dry completely before reducing space for the next line. As such, patience is essential.

21. Playful Nail Art Design

Fun designs like these are great if you're looking for something fun and fun. Color mixing is a great way to experiment with tones and shades. Meanwhile, adding cute designs like eyes to eyelashes allows you to hone your painting skills while creating something meaningful.

22. Nude and Yellow Nail Art

Add some color to your life with this yellow and nude nail art. Nude tones make the whole look down, bringing the style from passionate to enchanted. Outstanding colors add fun without being overly overpowering. The color patches on the corners of your nail are unique and allow you to form more easily.

23. Silver Tips Nail Art Design

The natural nail with a silver tip is an easy adaptation of the chrome nail trend. This variation on French-style nails is perfect for the office, as it is very subtle. While you can use silver nail polish to achieve this look, it tends to be flaking. Therefore, choosing a silver nail strip is the method that is more durable and easier to apply. All you need to do is paint a clear base coat, add strips, and cut off the excess. Finally, finish with a clear gloss paint for high shine and extra protection.

24. Sand Dunes Nail Art Design

Outback's spirit comes to life with this dune nail art design. The combination of rusty red, sand beige, dark purple, and light blue evokes the beauty of the desert sunrise. Free-form shapes are important in this design to reflect the continuous movement of dunes and sand with the wind. Finally, this matte finish on the surface is also very nice, as it mimics the aridness of the desert and dunes.

25. Gold Feature Nails Art

Rub a lot, sometimes a little too much. However, if you like the look but want to soothe it, why not choose yellow nails? That way, you get the best of both worlds. A nude gloss paint underneath helps the gold design stand out. The easiest way to achieve this look is to stick the chrome decal. Doing so gives you more flexibility with designs and templates. Plus, by choosing a design, instead of painting a few nails with chrome, make sure your nail art looks intentional.

26. Nude And Olive Color Nail Designs

Olive-colored nail polish can be a bit complicated, but it is a versatile color like other green shades. Earth color allows it to act more neutral, blending well with other colors around it. Choose something different from this nail art design, use opaque nude and olive colors to create an oval shape, but leave the rest of the nail blank. This style works best for oval and almond-shaped nails, as the design flows well with nail shape.

27. Red And White Nail Art

Red and white is such a classic combination that must appear in this collection of nail art designs. Like any quality color combination, this will look good in any design - stripes, dots, waves, or V's. However, the white waves and redheads are particularly excellent. You can freely format this or use a stencil if perfection is your goal. Choose magenta for fun colors, or go red like sullen blood for a darker shade and a greater contrast to white.

28. Baby Blue White Nude Nail Art

These two-color piercings are a great adaptation of the French manicure. The combination of bright white and light blue on a bright and vibrant nude color is the perfect summer combination. Make sure you have clean lines by using nail tape as the guide for the brush's tip. Also, be sure to finish with a good quality top coat to prevent the nail tips from chipping.

29. Pastel Color Nail Designs

Keep it beautiful with pastels. This nail art design features both multicolored V-shapes and half-fingernails. Keeping the letters on one finger on each hand ensures a well-proportioned and uncomplicated appearance. Also, the use of different fingers and v-sizes adds to the size and interest. All uniquely linked together using four of the same colors in the letter v on each other's fingers. It's a great look for a tropical getaway, a girls weekend, or even just a casual date night.

30. Design Of Stereoscopic Nail Art

Create pictures inside your Picasso with some stereoscopic nail art. Cubism is a revolutionary art style that uses squares and geometry to express every angle of your subject at the same time. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are pioneers of this art form. While it's hard to create a complete masterpiece on your nails, get inspired by Cubism using lines, circles, and dots to create your own artistic feel friendly. The nude background and limited color scheme but bold black, red, and silver make the design's biggest impact. Like many other nail art designs, if you are not confident in painting, choose nail decals or nail stickers for easier results, with just many punches.

5 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Nail Salon

Starting a beauty brand is definitely not for the faint of heart. It can be tricky out there, especially considering that hundreds of similar or similar products are already on the market. Many other individuals with a great idea just like yours are also preparing to launch. . And if that's not enough to put you on hold, according to some studies, anywhere between nearly 50% -90% of all consumer products worldwide are faulty.

While there are plenty of reasons not to go this route, now might really be the perfect time to launch a new beauty brand. The client gets tired of the general concept, one size that fits all. They are looking for new brands that better reflect who they are - not only from an aesthetic perspective but also in ways that reflect their lifestyle, attitudes, and values.

That said, many things need to be considered carefully before developing and launching a new line of indie nail polish. Preparation is the key! Here are five points to keep in mind:

Clarify your brand's goals and views

The most important step is to state why your beauty brand needs to exist in the world. This is what will really set your brand apart. Your story is unique because it comes from you - the experiences and choices made you want to create this story. For example, maybe you were frustrated about not finding a good polish that could survive your swimming training, so you decided to create your own. Or, you want to create a line around a particular cultural tradition that means a lot to you. Another example is attaching a brand to a mission or charitable cause. People who share this frustration, the value that culture or contribute to a career - they are your tribe. These are the ones for whom your brand will be more than just another nail polish.

Provide proof that your polish is special

The client needs a reason to believe your story and the easiest way to deliver it in the form of an image or document. Sometimes, just showing your face in the “About” section of your website will make customers feel that you are sincere. The website's professional quality will also help reassure customers that you believe in your own brand and invest in it. Usually, all it takes is popularity to prove that a polishing product is worth it. This can be shown through social followers, customer posts and tags, and retail rating. Another way to demonstrate a new polish to them is to provide details about the ingredients and/or technology - both in it and what isn't.

Identify your ideal customers in detail.

Traditionally, beauty brands had hoped to attract as many people as possible with their products. We're currently seeing a change in brands that cater to the unique needs and wants of a more targeted group of people. The trick is to describe this person as specifically as possible - likes, dislikes, fashion, profession, lifestyle. The more clearly you can visualize this person, the easier it will be for you to talk to her and understand which product is best for her. It's important to note that while beauty brands may focus more on certain audiences, the goal is never to exclude anyone explicitly. For example, Sweat Cosmetics focuses on active women who want long-lasting cosmetics. That doesn't mean this line won't be perfect for a male TV reporter who needs makeup to survive in strong light on set. Target your brand's voice and who you're talking to. Anyone who resonates or sees value in that conversation is welcome.

Find out where to sell your new line.

This question is answered by your ideal customer when you know where this person would be most comfortable buying your special polishes line. One of the biggest deciding factors is knowing whether your ideal client is a professional nail technician or a casual Jane. Each has very different purchase requirements. Professionals will typically buy higher quantities from distributors, while retail customers may purchase only one or two items. Your price will also affect where your product should / can be sold; Walmart shoppers expect to spend less than regular visitors to Sephora.

Budget for future development costs and future marketing investments.

Ultimately, it's important to know ​​where your money will likely be spent before starting to develop a new line. Create a rudimentary spreadsheet to outline construction, packaging, manufacturing, shipping, website, inventory software, staff, advertising, and more no use, etc. Listing everything will also help you prioritize what can be done now over what can be done later. As a result, many brands fail due to poor cash flow control. You don't want to be stretched too much, especially in the beginning. Slow and steady is usually a good way to go. And don't forget that many things can be done for free or at a minimal cost.

The other thing that can ruin your branding more is an amateur looking label or logo design. Regardless of whether you feel good about your brand's graphic standards, potential customers judge your brand alongside others. Your logo and label are the first impressions people will have of your brand, and that's the first impression people will have of their reading. It is always worth spending a little extra time and money to hire a professional designer specializing in cosmetics. There are many nuances and regulatory requirements that casual and amateur designers may not be familiar with, e.g., where to place the product weight and the font size required.

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