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30 Best Nails Designs For Christmas In 2021

There are plenty of ways to soak up the holiday spirit: watch the best Christmas movies over and over, sing Christmas songs (repeatable too!) And decorate your home till age nine, such as a few names. And post photos on social media with the ugliest Christmas sweater and Santa hat? Now you are talking! But when you really want to shine, there's another next level accessory to consider - the funniest Christmas nail art. Raise your carefully manicured hands if you participate!

For some of us, just keeping our nails in shape with a simple polish is hard enough. And the idea of ​​nail polish or acrylic nail polish with holiday design sounds super tough. But guess what? It doesn't have to be that way. We've included designs for a wide range of skill sets, from easy (maybe just some sparkling nail polish) to professional (we're talking about the full Yuletide icons, like decorated Christmas trees and even characters from some favourite Christmas cartoons). We've added helpful tools, nail stickers for instant gratification, and step-by-step video tutorials.

Manicure has become a trend these days. Proper, well-cared, and beautiful nails complete your elegant look. Whether it is for the fashionable urban white-collar worker or the casual college student, they love to apply makeup to themselves with their nails. Manicure has become an indispensable part of makeup. Then, how do you find the designs that appeal to you the most and choose the perfect nail designs for you?

Choose the perfect nail art design:

Length of nail design:

First, the shape and length of the nail are fundamental, in the end, the shape and length of the nail can affect the overall shape of the nail, but many women do not know how to choose the nail shape. They follow the fashions, so the effect is not very reasonable, so choosing the nail length that suits you and what type of nail is essential to a perfect nail design! Short nails have become more popular in the past two years because short nails give people a sense of simplicity and health. But in reality, the length of nails varies from person to person. For example, some people with shorter fingers should choose longer nails, as shorter nails will make fingers look shorter, but longer nails are not suitable for people with large knuckles, as Long nails will look messy. So nail length needs to be different from person to person, which one is right for you is best. There are many options when it comes to nail shape.

The shape of nail design:

For a while, French manicure has become a hot fashion trend in nail art, with round nails taking up almost all the fingertips. This year, major magazines and oval nail and fashion shows become a new trend. So how does the shape of nail art be? The oval nails make your fingers look longer, so it suits short fingers, while square nails look more elegant. It's a more flexible nail shape. If your temperament is more elegant, try square nails.

Special colour themes for your nails:

Then you need to choose the right colour for your nails. Today's nail polish is available in all colours and shades. Think about your outfit, career, and personality when it comes to colour. Most nail designs come in more than one colour, so it's important to choose a colour to make sure all the colours match. Some jobs will not give you the freedom of nail designs you want, so you should choose your nails' right designs and colours. Neutral colours and simple designs are always acceptable for a professional office and occasion.

Choose nail designs depending on the occasion:

The occasion is another factor that can help you make the right decision with nail design. These are diverse designs for different occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, even special weddings and more. Therefore, you can choose depending on the occasion or the season. Choose a nail design to match with your clothes and even special occasions and festivals.

Choose the perfect nail art design for Christmas:

For Christmas, you can combine red and colour themes, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gift box, snowman, snowflake, candy tree, star, penguin, holly leaf and many more Other Christmas elements will be a great addition to your Christmas nail art. As for the appearance, choose the one that fits your hand best. French manicures are classic and go with the usual colours of gold, silver, red or green instead. Pointy nails are also pretty nice if you choose the right shapes and colours. Just unleash your creativity and festive atmosphere with your vacation nails and create an outstanding Christmas nail pattern to help you blend in with the Christmas spirit.

Regardless of your comfort level, there are a few things here for you to try to really elevate your vacation game even more. So stock up on all the festive colours and try some of these Christmas nail painting ideas.

1. Christmas Star Nail Art

Make sure your nails will sparkle like decorative lights this Christmas. We are a fan of this design because it's simple to do and has stunning results.


  • Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Unwine'd

  • Chinese enamel stripe ritual in "Most Beautiful in the Snow."

  • Nail Art Wood Orange Sticks

  • Essie All in One Base Coat + Top Coat + Coat

How to:

  1. Paint two coats of dark red glossy paint.

  2. Use a thin brush dipped in white polish and drew a thin line down your nail.

  3. Using the same striped brush, draw a horizontal line perpendicular to the vertical line. This line should be about one-third the length of the first line.

  4. Draw a short diagonal on the intersection of the first two lines. Continue using the same white brush and polish.

  5. Draw one more diagonal in the opposite direction to complete your star.

  6. Use an orange pointed stick dipped in the same white polish to draw white dots around your big star. These will be other, smaller "stars". Finish with topcoat.

2. Snowflake Nail Art

For easy snowflake nails, use small adhesive paints on top of blue and white nail polish. To complete the winter wonderland look, add a sparkling silver nail.

Included Package: 10PCS different coloured shell designs for nail swatches. A package of 10 different patterns. Bagged transfer paper is the same as canning, only the difference between the packaging. But OPP bags are more economical and eco-friendly than box bags. Festive limited edition set for Christmas.

Variety of Patterns: Each pack has different designs, different colours, different print patterns so that you can change different nail styles every day. Your nails will be more attractive.

Easy to use: Just press the foil on the nail after painting the colour, just a few seconds, we can have the beautiful nail design. Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails even if you are a beginner.

Many Uses: Nail Art Foils can not only decorate nails but also can be used to decorate homes, phone cases, glasses, cards, body art, etc. It lasts longer than normal stickers that have a top coat and are made of healthy material.

After-sales service: Their nail products are sold after the successful operation of our manicurists. Your satisfaction is our priority, any quality problem please contact us for replacement or refund. Your shopping experience should always be perfect.

Link to buy: Click here.

3. Elf Nail Art

When your friends see your Goblin's nail, they won't be able to stop themselves from rereading the lines from their favourite Goblin movie.

4. Mismatched Christmas Nail Art

Can't decide on a Christmas design? Play around with a different one on each nail! Love Christmas? This extremely festive Christmas nail design is for you! It's done with classic holiday colours - warm dark red and lush gold and incorporates all the traditional Christmas patterns - snowflakes, Christmas trees, decorations and of course, candies.

This Christmas nail design looks fuller but is actually quite easy to do. All thanks to the new SoNailicious Christmas nail stickers!


  1. Snowflake nails with the sticker SoNailicious Snowflake

  2. ORLY Nailtrition - the background layer

  3. Diorific 890 Audace

  4. Diorific 220 Promesse

  5. SoNailicious Snowflake Stickers - a limited version

  6. SoNailicious metal stripe stickers

  7. Gold caviar

  8. Star rhinestone - from this Rhinestones nail art wheel

  9. SN 02 Needle brush - to draw a Christmas tree and candy

  10. SN 04 Slayer brush for cleaning around the cuticles

  11. Mavala Gel Finish.

How to:

  1. Paint all nails in dark yellow and red. Apply a thin coat of polish to dry and wait until dry quickly.

  2. Use the Gold Snowflake sticker on your index finger.

  3. Use Gold Metallic Stripe stickers with another Snowflake and gold particles on the ring finger to create a decorative pattern. Check out this post for the perfect nail glueing.

  4. Use a fine nail polish brush to paint the Christmas tree and candy stripes with dark red glossy paint over the golden nails.

  5. Allow 5 minutes for your design to dry and fix with high gloss paint.

Done!!! Enjoy your wonderful Christmas nail designs!

5. Marble Nail Art

Not all Christmas nail designs must be red and green. This matte black and marble colour make it perfect for winter days. Simply use a dotting tool to apply black nail polish to the white base coat to achieve a marble-like design.

6. Nail Art With Christmas Lights

Your nails will be "lit up" with this innovative manicure. Use small sticky gems to mimic the sparkle.


  • Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in "Feed the Rich"

  • Nail polish ZOYA at "Trixie."

  • Multicolour flat back agar with mixed sizes

  • Kiss Nail Art Glue

How to:

  • Paint two layers of hunter green shade paint.

  • Using a striper brush, paint a thin layer of silver paint to wire your lights. You can get creative with how you want the sequence to look, whether it's repeated or just slightly bent.

  • Place the nail glue where you want the crystals to stick.

  • Push a small nail into the pencil eraser to create a tool that will make it easier to remove the crystals.

  • Placing multicoloured flat crystals will act as lights. To put them on your nails easily, dab a dot of nail glue where you want to stick the crystal along the nail polish, then quickly dip the tip of the nail in a little bit of glue to get the crystal. And immediately press on the nail.

  • Fingernails, fingers, manicure, nail polish, nail care, cosmetics, hands, design, material property, services,

7. The Present Art Of Christmas Nails

Complete your Christmas look with this easy nail polish featuring festive stripes and a large red bow. For our final Christmas nail art tutorial this season, we'd like to share a festive design with lollipop gifts and emotions. This quick and easy nail art will be perfect for Christmas eve!

How to:

  1. Paint base paint on all your nails

  2. Paint green nails (In the Jungle by Kia-Charlotta) on your little finger, forefinger and thumb. Paint white nail on your pinky finger (Kia-Charlotta Seashell Shells) and yellow nail polish on the middle finger (Good Vibes by Kia-Charlotta).

  3. Green nail polish (In the Jungle by Kia- Charlotta) draw thin diagonal stripes on your ring finger as shown in the video above. The green lines, paint the red lines with red nail polish (I Can or Determined from Kia-Charlotta) as shown in the video above.

  4. On your middle finger start painting a Gift by first red nail polish (I Can or Determined from Kia-Charlotta) as seen in the video above. Where the lines intersect, draw an arc with red nail polish as shown in the video.

  5. Clean the nail polish on your skin with nail polish remover and brush (watch video).

  6. When completely dry, apply a topcoat over all nails.

8. Christmas Cactus Nail Art

Call all plant mamas! This colourful and cute cactus nail art has your name written on it. So we know we usually post a video on weekends but this weekend is a bit different. Overall, there are a lot of videos this week, so we thought it would be fun to step back a little and do a merry Christmas, so that's exactly what I'm doing! Today is all about a Merry Christmas inspired by Starbuck!

It's no secret that Starbucks always has the cutest mugs at this tius of year. In fact, that top, all year! They have hot cutes drinks that are red in colourWecolourcolours and have cactus decorations for Christmas on them. It was adorable, but we couldn't find a beautiful photo on the internet to share with you. They really don't sell them online anymore so .... Anywhoo that's the inspiration for this person.

We started out using Ming from the Zoya's Party Girls collection to review HERE, as my base colour. Then we started art by painting the shapes of different plants + pots with white acrylic paint. This helped create a way for us to apply other colours on top of red and it actually caus out.

After finishing a bit, we went in with green acrylic paint and made the vegetative area. Sous of them have many greens, and different lines or dots are made to make them look more textured. Then we went in with the pot details. After we finished that part, we threaded the lanterns and outlined the pot + plant stand. ;) Then it's tius gently! We just used the rainbow basically. It's a fun interface to create + even more fun to wear!

Yes, that's it for this weekend's post! We hope you are having a great holiday and hope to have more fun! We will talk to you all very soon! Let us know what you think of this person in the comments below! Also if you have any Christmas requests let us know!

9. Sweet Holidays


  • Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Color in "Dirty Little Secret"

  • Design Tool China Glaze Duo

  • Orly White Tips French Manicure Nail Lacquer Tip

  • Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat

How to:

  1. Paint a glossy metallic finish as your primary colour.

  2. Use a thin brush dipped in white paint to draw three lines on your nails. This will form the foundation of your snowflake.

  3. Create a small V at the end of each line to make a snowflake tip.

  4. On a few fingers, create a larger snowflake for your look. Draw a horizontal line on your nail and then the X in the middle for the perfect hexagonal snowflake. Then create small Vs on top as you did in step three.

  5. Draw a hexagon connecting the intersecting lines of the snowflake.

  6. Add small dots between the six prongs of the snowflake. Wait until the white paint dries and finish with a top coat to paint super gloss.

10. Nail Art Glittery Candy Cane

A little sparkle will add elegance to these lollipop-inspired nails. Pro tip: Buy tape to create clean lines.

It's the best tius of the year… if you like bad weather, crowded streets and forced to listen to Christmas music in every public space! We know we can get a little annoyed, but we really love Christmas time. Admittedly the highlight of the season for us is all the deliciously cooked dinners, socially acceptable drinks of the day and of course… Christmas nail art!

We have compiled three looks that are suitable for any Christmas. All three looks use only two nail polish colours-colour favourite and basic nail tools to quickly and easily affect any budget.

Now you know we wanted to keep it classy, so nothing was too flashy - although we spent a lot of us looking through the crazy sparkling collection at Ellisons, so you'll see a little bit of things twinkle. But is that acceptable? Perfect glitter can still be luxurious when you get it right?

All you need is ... A layer of white cream and a thick layer of red glitter we used - Barry M Cotton and Sally Hansen Cha-Ching.!

How to:

  1. Start by applying two coats of your base .colour

  2. Apply a quick dry top coat and wait until completely dry

  3. Use tape to mark uniform stripes. Make sure the tape is on the edge of the nail.

  4. Grab a cosmetic sponge and apply your sparkling nail polish to the surface. Dab this mixture on your nails for maximum sparkle light! You can see it in action on my YouTube channel

  5. Immediately peel off the duct tape to reveal the white part below

  6. Top up with your favourite jacket. As thick as possible to smooth it all out and get the perfect glossy surface

11. French Snow Point

All you need is one green creme and one white creme. You can use Morgan Taylor Flirting in a dress and Barry M White.

How to:

  • Paint over your base colour and wait for it to dry

  • Using a dotting tool, grab the white polish and start to dot!

  • Start with the choice of spreading the dots over the entire nail, then focus and paint towards the nail's tip for a snowy effect.

  • Top it all with your outerwear

TIP: Keep your dabbing tool clean by regularly immersing it in acetone and wiping off any mess on a cotton ball or lint-free nail pad.

12. Festive Fancy Sparkle

All you need is a soft foundation for your base and a festive sparkle, which is Barry M Pink Lemonade and Cirque Helios.

How to:

  1. Spread your base coat down and let dry (you already know the drill bit!)

  2. Protect the skin around your nails using the product ‘Mani‘ Mask nor DIY. Everything will get messy!

  3. Paint a little gold glitter on the edge of the makeup sponge and dab it gently near your cuticles. Repeat this a few times and move upwards, always gently dab, to create a gradient effect.

  4. Finish with your top coat and voila!

12. Red And Green Marbled Nail Art

Don't worry about making this sparkly marble nail art look perfect. Thanks to its vortex design any minor bugs go unnoticed. Top with a sparkling coat for a little sparkle.

13. Holly And Berries Nail Art

We love the soothing Christmas colours, inspired by the classic, fading wrapping paper, used here.

Poses made with unique holiday collection from GlitterDaze. The collection includes seven polishes that change from pastel or sometimes even clear gloss to a light jelly colour depending on temperature.

These polishes work best against a light colour background. We chose to use white jelly and cream as a base for these nail sets. GlitterDaze polishes are most pigmented when your hands are cold, and clear or pale when your hands are warm. They also have smaller, darker spots, which we assume is due to the composition that makes them temperature sensitive.

This first look was taken with GlitterDaze Silent Night on the OPwe Don't Touch our Tutu. We tried to make a little snowflake modelling! We think this look is cute but wish we could make a flimsy snowflake. Here they are with cold fingers:

Here's what they look like after we dipped our hands in hot water.

We painted sous holly with GlitterDaze's Under the Mistletoe (green) and Christmas Kiss (red) for our second look. The opacity of these two shades on white makes us think of faint Christmas wrapping paper, in a good way! This is our favourite of the two manicure methods we have done.

Here's what they look like after we dipped our hands in hot water. This change is quite drastic, but rest assured that your hands will rarely be as hot as mine for this shot and will likely allow a little more colour than this.

We think the fact that these polishes are a winter collection is quite appropriate because we know in winter our hands are usually colder than not! They may be less practical in summer, as most of the tips the varnish will be warm and therefore less pigmented.

Overall, we think this is an interesting idea for a collection, and we haven't seen any polish like it this season. We think this collection would be easier to wear if it changed from one colour to another, rather than from clear/pale to pigmented, but still a novel addition to our collection and interesting to impress friends.

14. Glittery Christmas Tree Nail Art

You can customize your nails by incorporating one, two, or all three of the festive styles here.

Just a rapid post to show you what's really on our nails today.

We started with 3 thin layers of Fair Maiden Polish Secret Garden paint on our cursor and pinkie, then used rippled vinyl and OPwe Cajun Shrimps for some festive waves.

We applied 3 thin coats of polish ‘M Home for the Holidays on our thumb and middle finger.

On our ring finger, we started with 2 thin coats of OPwe Don and Pretzel our Buttons. We used OPwe Here Today Aragon Tomorrow for the tree and picked out the sparkles from OPwe Minnie Style and OPwe The Living Daylight for decoration. The tree that reminds me of the tree during the Christmas Vacation (favourite line: “Merry Christmas! Shitter's full!).

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season, whether you are celebrating Christmas or not.

15. Santa Claus Nail Art

The simple white dots are the key to this Kris Kringle theme. Use the dotting tool to make the application easy.

Here is nail painting tutorial in our Christmas inspired nail series. This tutorial starts with Christmas vibes by creating a cute Santa figure and other festive patterns. All this with just three colours and simple tools. Remember to play music to listen to some Christmas music.

How to:

  1. Cover all of your nails with a base coat.

  2. Paint your little finger, forefinger, and thumb with dark red nail polish. Then paint the top of the ring finger and the middle finger's bottom with the same colour, as in the video above. For best results, apply two coats.

  3. With the dotting tool, paint small dots around your ring finger (not red) with creamy white nail polish as shown in the video above. With the same colour, also draw small dots along with the red on your middle finger.

  4. Put your red nose and black eyes on your ring finger to create a little Santa.

  5. With creamy white nail polish, paint some white ›fluff on the top of your ring and little finger as shown in the video above.

Let your nails dry completely and then finish by applying a top coat over each nail for added shine and prolonging the life.

16. Snoopy Christmas Nail Art

Celebrate the holiday with everyone's favourite gang - Snoopy, Woodstock, and friends, and of course, the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Meet Snoopy, the house for the Snoopys, Woodstock and the soft tree! Wouldn't lie that we don't know the Woodstocks name! Have to google it, guess you can tell even if we have full of useless information the little details are not in that information! Haha !! We really like Snoopy manicure for sous weird reason even though we really don't watch Snoopy. We mean, of course, we have watched these programs many times but only when it is on TV during the holidays, and if we miss it, then that shouldn't be a big deal. However, when it comes to nails, we love it!

The base colour Takko Lacquer Irezumwe is becoming a great base colour for winter art! :) Ahh, we love LOVE holidays art. It's fun, plus we feel there are lots of other things to try and endless combos. Summer fingernails are great, but we don't feel like there are many "right" options you know? You can do all the prints and flowers that we love, but there's something so satisfying about making a man "scene"! Does anyone else feel that way, or understand what we mean?

We really wish we did these for Nail Crazies Unite Collab yesterday, but despite that, we are glad we went ahead and tried it. We WefavouritefavouritecolourfulcolourWeWe could easily talk to ourselves, but we didn't, and now we can't stop looking at our nails! We think our favourite part about mad people is the Christmas lights on the dog house! What's your favourite part? Yes, that's it today! Hope you enjoy this look! It's fun to draw! Have a great Saturday!

17. Nail Art Christmas String Lights

Customize this Christmas chandelier nail art by painting these colourful lights over any colour of your choice. Have some fun and use glow-in-the-dark polish for the bulbs.

Like regular Christmas lights, they don't look fancy in broad daylight! But just wait until it gets dark ...

We started with the base of Nfu Oh JS15, a blue jelly. We chose this colour to reinforce the idea that this is the nail art's "day mode".

Using It So Easy Nails Stripe Rite in Black, we added the cords and small outlet areas that the bulb turns on. Using the OPwe Alpine Snow, we draw white bulb shapes. Then we go through the bulbs with highlight paints: American Apparel Jupiter (orange), China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, CH Nail # 12 (pink) and CH Nail # 02.

These are beautiful images in the dark! They glow different colours, but for sous reason the camera just makes them look green or blue ... you can see on CH # 12 (painted pink) it glows purple in the photo, but it looks pinker in colour!

We just like to glow in the dark a lot. It was almost problematic.

So what do you think? Can we accurately represent the majesty of the Christmas lights? Do you feel 'the holy holiday!?

18. Ugly Sweater Nail Art

Head over to your wardrobe and check out your ugly Christmas sweaters collection for inspiration before you start dressing up.

This is our first set of plaid nails as well as our first attempt to stamp !! We really like the way they appear, especially the colours, so festive !!

Green nail polish is one of our new products - Kryptonite from Picture Polish! Usually, the topcoat I'm not a big fan of any greens, but this colour is a HIT !! It features beautiful rainbow holographic spots in a stunning dark emerald green colour. Look at this beauty !!

Here's a little guide for the day and we hope you enjoyed it

How to:

  1. Paint the nails white and let dry.

  2. Place 6 strips of scotch tape in the order shown in the photo.

  3. Cover with green nail polish and remove the tape.

  4. Use a grading tool to coat sous opaque red varnish to fill in sous of the square gaps.

  5. Add red glossy paint on top.

  6. Draw yellow lines with a small dot tool.

  7. Press the design onto a piece of baking paper. Coating the paint on top and dry.

  8. Carefully remove the design and stick it on your nails. Cut to remove excess.

  9. Apply top coat to finish.

  10. For stamping, we use MoYou London Festive Collection 04.a

19. Black and Red Plaid Nail Art

We are crazy about this striped nail! Print not ready for vacation much more than plaid. Classic checks in red, black, and gold always give a festive feel, so why not try timeless patterns on your nails? No matter how you're celebrating, my modern, minimalist plaid nails will give you the spirit of the season, in style. Upfront, let's see how to achieve this joy at home.


  • Absolutely nude nail polish (I like Essie Sheer Silhouette)

  • Black nail polish (I like Essie Licorice)

  • Yellow nail polish (I like Chanel Chaine D 'Or)

  • Bright red nail polish (I love Essie Lollipop)

  • Thin nail brush tool

  • Top Coat (I like Seche Vive Top Coat)

Helpful Tips:

  • Use a piece of aluminium foil as your palette. Apply a drop or two of nail polish directly to the aluminium foil. When working, you will need to add more polish, as conventional (non-gel) polishes will dry out quickly.

  • Using a highly pigmented polish will work best when doing paint jobs. Water-based or matte nail polish is harder to work with and requires more layers, making it difficult to keep lines clean.

  • To create clean lines, always make sure your brushes are clean. When applying polish to your brush, pull over the polish to make sure your brush is evenly covered.

  • Always use a gel coating to ensure your lines don't bleed.

  • Always make sure your base coat is completely dry before attempting to design.

How to:

  1. Start with clean, dry nails. Cover 1 layer of completely nude varnish.

  2. of plaid manicure tutorials with black lines

  3. Draw a horizontal black line across the vertical line, closer to the foot of the nail.

  4. Using a thin brush and nail polish with black, draw a line on the left side of your nail from base to tip of the manicure tutorial with two black lines intersecting on each nail

  5. Draw a yellow horizontal line towards the tip of your nail that cuts across both the black and the yellow lines of the manicure tutorial add yellow sugar to the black line for the template

  6. Using a clean thin brush tool, paint a bright red shade, and create a thin line down the centre coloured of the yellow vertical line of the plaid manicure tutorial adds another golden line to the template.

  7. Repeat on the horizontal yellow line of the stripe nail drawing tutorial add red lines

  8. Allow 10 minutes for the design to dry and apply a top coat of the plaid manicure tutorial with red, yellow and black lines.

20. Mix And Match Christmas Nail Art

This fun set of hooves alternates between sparkles, festive stripes and a little Christmas tree.

To continue with our festive theme this week, we're going to show you how to create a Christmas manicure with sparkles. The great thing about this nail painting tutorial is that by learning how to do this design, you will do almost any Christmas nail style. In fact, we didn't just show you one, but 3 designs all packed into one look!

For the Christmas nail art mix’n’match, we used the traditional festive colours of red, green and yellow. However, it can be done in any colour combination you like. For example, silver, blue and white or black and red will look great as well.


  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dry 22 Jumpin 'Jade - green

  • ORLY Star-Spangled - Red

  • ORLY Lux - golden light

  • ORLY Too Fab - sparkling gold

  • OPI My Vampire is Buff - nude

  • ORLY Polishield jacket

  • SN 01 Warrior nail detailed nail brush.

  • SN 03 Spear stripe nail polish brush

  • SN 04 Coating cleaning brush

How to:

  1. Paint the nail in metallic nude gold and shimmering red shades as shown in the picture. Let it dry for a few minutes.

  2. Covering the index finger 2 large layers of glitter gold.

  3. The ring and thumb finger, use the striped nail brush to draw diagonal stripes as shown with the dark green nail polish. Clean brush before next step.

  4. Using the same stripe nail brush, paint diagonal stripes with a golden sparkle on the ring and thumb fingers.

  5. Using a detailed nail brush draw the Christmas Tree with a dark green colour by first outlining the borders and then colouring it. If it's too difficult to draw a Christmas tree by hand, use this nail painting tip.

  6. Decorate the little Christmas tree with sparkling gold or fish out some large beads from the golden glitter nail polish you used in Step 2. Let the nails dry for a few minutes and cover the design with 2-3 coats paint gloss. Clean around the cuticles with an angle brush, if necessary.

21. Simple Snowflakes Nail Art

You will quickly glide through the snow thanks to the small snowflake nail stickers.

How to:

  1. Start with two layers of KBShimmer Chilly Pepper's foundation.

  2. Add a layer of topcoat.

  3. Stamped using Chez Noel 003 with the highlight of the MoYou-0-6 Festival Collection using a Feminine White Wedding.

  4. Add a top coat to finish.

  5. A day later (can't remember but I see the wear tip in pix lol!), More pictures from Bundle Monster BM S219 (index), Born Pretty BP-L018 (thumb), Chez Noel 002 (middle) and Chez Noel A001 (pink) for a little change.

  6. After that, complete it with the topcoat.

It's a great way to expand a person but change it up a bit, especially during the holiday season!

22. Cute Candy Canes Nail Art

These sweet candies look sweet enough to eat. We love the fresh mint green background.

We wanted to repeat the experience of candy canes on the nails. Still, a bit like last year (just here), we preferred to focus on small achievements, and no nails in typed striping mode candy canes way, we like it eh, but we find it more realistic and cuter in a small individual model. But hey, it's still not super obvious, we would like to have something neat and drawn, but like last year, we struggled to define these little sweets ^^ we still find the result pretty cool by far.

We like most about this nail art is undoubtedly the basis on which we made it ... our love buddy Nath's baby, Minty, made in collab with piCture pOlish. So proud of her, and this polish is really awesome. I'm not saying that because it's her but like the alliance of mint and white it's perfect, and the little touch of pink that lifts it all... well done once again, that's it the right turkey.

We laid it in 2 layers on an Essie - Fashion Playground base, because we doubted its perfect opacity, and in fact, we think it is easily opaque in itself in 3 layers! The result should also be deeper by layering the layers, we think. The nail art itself, acry and piCture pOlish - Watermelon for touches of pink/red.

23. Jolly Reindeer Nail Art

One super cute Rudolph's fingernail lifted the level of another simple set of nails. This reindeer manicures art dates back to 2011, and it shows up on our nails almost every Christmas. Somehow, we always miss the pre-Christmas opportunity to create a tutorial for this theme, but today that's about to change!


  • Essie Glamor Wallet

  • Models Own Brunette Red

  • Rimmel Rock N Roll

  • Sally Hansen Cha-ching!

  • Winstonia Nail Art Brush + Top coating

How to:

  1. Paint on the white (or light) background and let dry completely.

  2. Using a nail brush, paint milky brown over a half circle at the tip.

  3. Paint another half of the circle over the semicircle

  4. Take the darker brown colour and outline each half of the circle separately. Paint on your gauze in the same shadow.

  5. Add some white ovals for the round eyes and nose. You can choose red for Rudolph, or black for his friends. Add the final details - a tiny black dot on the eyes and optional glitter on the nose.

When you're done, add a layer of your favourite jacket to seal it all off!

26. String Lights Nail Art

Line lights on your nails after you've decorated the tree. Pro Tip: Always stamp your designs with a solid finish.

We used a base of MASH - White, and then I used the Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen for the wire, then we used Barry M - Bright Red, OPI - The It Colour, and OPI - Green-wich Village for the lights, and white acrylic paint for the reflections. All topped off with a coat of Seche Vite.

How to:

  1. Paint your nails with a base colour of white

  2. Using a Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen paint on lines for the wire.

  3. Using a small brush and Barry M - Bright Red paint on the lights spaced out across the wire.

  4. Do the same as above with green.

  5. Do the same as above with yellow.

  6. Using white acrylic paint or nail polish and a small brush, paint on the lights' reflections. Then finish off with a top coat to seal in your design!

27. Negative Space Christmas Tree Nail Art

This design is a funky way to get into the holiday spirit.

If you're looking for an unusual, chic and easy-to-do nail design, you'll love these negative space Christmas Tree Nails. In this claw are a symbiosis of two of my favourite looks - negative space and geometry. Just add a Christmas vibe to all of this and the perfect Christmas nail polish is here!

Technically, you also need a washi tape to shape the Christmas tree and 5 kinds of dark, sparkling nail polish for this man. Please don't leave the negative space completely blank, cover it with transparent nail polish with subtle glittering iridescence to make your nails more festive.

This design is quite easy, no lines are needed, but you will need patience when cutting and pasting the nail triangles. But the result is worth fighting Washi Ice! If you are short of time or impatient, just do a nail press or two.

So without further ado, let's see how!


  • Exquisite glitter nail polish

  • 5 types of nail polish - from dark green to dark blue - for an ombre effect

  • A base layer and a topcoat

  • Washi tape

  • Tweezers

  • Christmas tree manicure instructions

How to:

  1. Apply a base coat. Next, apply 1 coat of transparent glitter nail polish and let the nail dry completely.

  2. Cut a square washi tape and place as shown in the picture.

  3. Then cut 2 triangles - one bigger, the other smaller. Use tweezers to put them in place. Remember to place each triangle slightly on top of the previous one; it will make it easier to remove them later. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on all nails. Choose 5 different nail polishes, creating an ombre colour from dark green to dark blue.

  4. Now work your nails one by one. Paint the nail with polish, then carefully remove the tape with tweezers. Repeat it all over the nails.

  5. Allow 10 minutes for your design to dry, then paint the inner coating. Done!

Used: OPI Nail Envy, Essence Let Stars Rain Down On Me, Picture Polish Kryptonite and Cosmos, A England Saint George and Tristam, Essence I Love My Blue Jeans Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat.

28. Whimsical Winter Wonderland Nail Art

Give a pop of pastel colour to traditional trees and transform your hands into a whimsical wonderland. Back to the holiday manis! These pink backgrounds with bright white polka dots create a strange winter wonderland.


  • NYC - Pink colour

  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On

  • Other sources:

  • Confetti multicolored round

  • Star jelly

  • Bandage

Confetti Pot we received brilliant round confetti from the Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review. Confetti has a blend of 1mm-2mm circles in blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and yellow. Overall, we love it. Cute colours, in small barrels there is a lot of confetti. My only complaint is that the confetti is a bit transparent, so I don't know what it would look like in a darker colour, but with white, it looks great. Some confetti is stuck together, so just make sure to stick to only one piece of confetti. Otherwise, the upper layer will separate the confetti, and then you will have two pieces of confetti stacked where you want.

Before we decided to decorate a Christmas tree, we just painted confetti on my smooth white nails and the nails' tips in a gradient style. It's cute and funky, but it's not Christmas-y, so we decided to change it. This look could be a "recycling" if we just painted it pink, and left a white triangle of confetti nails for the tree. We didn't do that in this case because I wanted to put confetti on the tree so that it would be contained in the tree space.

In both of these designs, WE placed confetti using an orange stick, but we are sure it will also look great when sprinkled randomly. If you go along the sprinkling line, simply press down all the confetti to avoid sticking together. This confetti is quite stiff, so any raised edges will easily get caught in.

29. Ownership In Plaid


  • Londontown Kur Nail Hardener & Base Coat

  • The iconic NARS coloured nail polish in "Dovima."

  • China enamel stripe etiquette painted it black.

  • Butter London Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat

How to:

  1. Paint your nails a deep red colour.

  2. Using a striper brush and black paint, draw four boxes on each nail.

  3. Fill each box with black colour.

  4. Create diagonal lines with a striper brush dipped in black polish to connect the black boxes to create a plaid pattern. Finish with topcoat.

30. Two Tone Glasses


  • YSL Vinyl La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in "Rouge Over Noir",

  • Very beautiful handicrafts glitter in "Crimson"

  • Compulsory cosmetics haunt glitter in "Pink"

  • Essie Gel Couture Top Coat

How to:

  1. Paint two coats of dark purple gloss.

  2. Paint a coat of paint on top, let the glitter have something sticking to it, and immediately sprinkle some red glitter.

  3. Quickly sprinkle with light pink glitter before the coating dries. Change where the sparkles are falling to create a unique design.

  4. Use a small fan brush to dust off the glitter. Don't worry, the majority will be solved in the topcoat. Add a layer of clear gloss paint to give you a super shiny look.

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