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6 Tools That Can Be Used For Online Ordering For Restaurants

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In a world where every second count, ordering on a mobile device is the next important thing. Although national restaurant chains like Jersey Mike's and Pizza Hut have offered mobile ordering options for years, local restaurants are just starting to discover the benefits.

Not only ordering through the mobile device that the customer is requesting, but also what can help restaurants improve operational efficiency and increase marketing ROI. Fifty-eight percent of Internet users now say they find the idea of ​​ordering food online appealing, and 35% of younger generations say they've ordered online from a restaurant in the past year, according to a five-year survey—2014 by advertising agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink.

Here are six technology platforms that allow restaurants to accept mobile orders.

1. ChowNow

With restaurants in freefall across the country, there has never been a more important time to innovate to help them weather the crisis.

ChowNow offers a branded online ordering system for more than 14,000 independently owned restaurants across the US and Canada - through its own restaurant websites, on Facebook and Google, through apps made by ChowNow creates and adopts the ChowNow website and apps - and provides the key to their restaurant partners with customer insights and marketing support.

Restaurants that do not want to bring their customers to external websites or mobile apps can use ChowNow to provide mobile ordering through the channels they already use apps, such as websites, branded mobile apps, and social media sites. Restaurants are notified when new orders are available through iPads next to the seller's POS machine, allowing employees to fulfill those orders immediately. ChowNow offers several menu management tools businesses can use to set up their own delivery areas, add specialties, and make quick menu changes at any time. Come on. ChowNow will also build custom iPhone and Android apps for sellers. ChowNow costs $ 99 per position per month, plus a $ 499 fee for the first position.

Order takeaway from the best local restaurants with no hidden commissions or fees. Other online ordering services attract restaurants to order with commissions as high as 40%. ChowNow is different - we make sure the restaurant doesn't burn. And you too. Free download for Android today.

They partner with the nation's best independent, local restaurants - unique dishes prepared by inspirational chefs - ready to pick you up anytime. Forget focus groups from large chains group foods. Whether it's pizza, sushi, or some other treat you love, ChowNow offers a huge menu of the best local dishes near you.

Every restaurant on ChowNow offers a convenient option for you to pick up something to go. And in certain markets, we also offer a free shipping option. See what's available near you. Ordering food with ChowNow has never been easier and more delicious.

Use the ListView or Map View to discover the latest hotspots and tested points of interest in your neighborhood. From the best local pizza location to the newest sushi bar, grab a great meal, and go.

Bolognese or burgers? Bibimbap or BBQ? Sort by type of cuisine to narrow down your choices. No matter what you choose to order, you'll get the very best local, independent restaurants have to offer - ready to take and take.

Your ideal meal is just a few taps away. With ChowNow, every restaurant menu is easy to navigate and presents all the customizable options ahead. It's the pickup app you need for instant delivery orders from unique local restaurants near you.

Pre-order, skip lines and pay with the click of a button with Google Pay. Securely store your credit card information in your ChowNow account so you can buy better food for faster take-out.

Get the best support in class. ChowNow customer service is available to help with phone, email, or chat ordering seven days a week. We want your experience to be quick, easy, and best of all, delicious. So we're here to help.

2. Zuppler

Sellers who already have websites or mobile apps can use Zuppler to add the ability to order online. Restaurants upload their food listings to Zuppler, making sure to include any add-on or add-on products, and Zuppler offers them customizable menus that can be added to the website, their social media app, or site. Customers can click these menus to order their mobile food items, forwarded by Zuppler to the restaurant by fax, email, web, print, or POS. Direct order monitoring ensures that mobile orders are not left behind. One way that Zuppler allows restaurants to create limited-time promotions and coupon codes, to be ordered alongside certain menu items. Restaurants can choose between a flat $ 89 per month or a pay-as-you-go plan, with a 9% per transaction fee.

With the Pixel-Perfect technology, the Zuppler menu is built to 100% branding for your business. It integrates directly on your website and mobile apps with beautiful menu imagery, creating an intuitive ordering experience.

No other online ordering solution allows extensive customization that follows the customer through the entire ordering process.

70% of searches start on Google for "type of cuisine" vs. restaurant brand name. Every day, three billion search results are generated from 17 million searches for "food near me." With Zuppler and Google integration, your business can take advantage of these searches by letting consumers order online directly from your restaurant on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant.

On-Premise Order from Zuppler allows guests to order food from their own device for contactless dining. Since Zuppler is already connected to multiple POS systems, dinner orders can be sent directly to the POS system for order fulfillment.

With extensive customization possibilities, you'll enjoy an online ordering platform built to meet the unique needs of your dining business.

With 24/7 live customer support, every order placed on our platform is tracked as soon as the customer starts ordering until satisfaction is assessed after the food is delivered or take.

Delivery management

With Zuppler's extensive delivery settings (watch video), we support the ability to control delivery parameters to exactly match your business needs. Need help with delivery service? No problem. Our integrated delivery partners can reliably deliver your food at an affordable price to you and your guests.

Contactless delivery

Zuppler supports Contactless Delivery and Curb Pickup for restaurants and foodservice providers as your guests and staff may want to limit personal contact. When customers place an order for delivery, they can choose Contact Air Delivery as an option that prompts them to choose from the contactless options:

  • Call when you meet me outside.

  • Leave the order at the door and ring the doorbell.

  • Leave your order at the door and call to notify

  • Delivery

With Curb Pickup, guests can drive to your store or to designated curbside pickups where your employees can take orders to their vehicles. Upon check-out, guests will be prompted to enter their vehicle information and given a phone number to call upon arrival, so your staff will know when and which vehicle will deliver the order.

Custom delivery rules for you

Zuppler offers the most powerful set of delivery rules that easily support even the most complex delivery requirements and rules. Restaurants and catering providers have the ability to set various delivery rules and delivery minimums, delivery charges, and delivery times. We even support the ability to set delivery rules for specific office buildings.

Create custom shipping zones

Zuppler's distribution rules allow restaurants and catering providers to create highly customizable delivery parameters, each with minimum delivery, time, fees, and sales tax private. This gives businesses the ability to expand delivery territories and to charge for what they need. Delivery areas can be set up by:

  • Address

  • The radius of the circle

  • City

  • GeoJson file

  • Postal code

  • Rectangle - allows you to draw in your delivery area.

Set shipping charges and sales tax

For each shipping rule, you can set a delivery fee based on a flat fee, order percentage, or a combination of the two. You can set a higher delivery fee for a larger order quantity or for delivery areas that require longer travel. You even have the ability to put a custom sales tax in each distribution rule.

Specify the delivery time and adjust the delivery

Our Delivery Rules give you the flexibility to set specific delivery times for each delivery rule you create. This allows you to create actual delivery times based on distance and the number of orders. You can even adjust your delivery times based on how busy you are during peak hours - our system will consider what additional delivery times are.

Flexible delivery hours

Zuppler simplifies the way restaurants and catering providers designate delivery available times. Your business has flexibility in specifying when delivery orders can be placed so that you can deliver this service on the days/times that are best for your business.

Get detailed information with a distributed heat map.

Zuppler's online ordering reports include a distribution heat map so you can visually see the origin of most orders and identify new areas you can target for marketing. . The data presented in a heat map is a great marketing tool you can use to see which areas to target for direct mailers, locations for outdoor ads, and more.

Get the most out of your driver tips.

In the Zuppler settings, you can ask the customer to tip the driver when placing an order for delivery. You can set a minimum required tip on delivery orders to keep your driver happy.

Create promotions and menus available for delivery only

With Zuppler, you can create dollar or percentage discount discounts just for delivery to attract customers. You can also make menus available only when ordering for door-to-door delivery. Not only can this be used for promotions, but if you have items on your regular menu that you question whether they're working well, you can create a menu. New shipping does not include those items.

Fully integrated with DoorDash Drive.

Zuppler is one of the few online ordering providers that integrate directly with DoorDash Drive. You'll be able to use DoorDash's technology and trusted drivers so you can ship your order via their website, apps and order Online on Google without having to hire/manage a driver. Your own and your visitors are not taken to third party websites - your customers, keeping your customers.

3. Square Order

Introduced by Square last year, Square Order is a mobile app that consumers can use to place orders at certain businesses before they arrive. For example, a customer can order and pay for her morning cappuccino while she is walking to her neighborhood coffee shop, and the drink will be ready for pick up as soon as she arrives. Customers also have the option to arrange a pickup time later. Allowing customers to pay for purchases without withdrawing their wallets can speed up the queue at crowded cafes and fast-service restaurants, which is a major draw for businesses using Square Order. . Service available for merchants using Square POS system. Square is offering a free Square Order to those sellers.

US payment giant Square is expanding its offerings after launching Square Order, a new mobile service that allows users to order and pay for food from their mobile devices. The service was initially only available in New York and San Francisco, and it follows a closed test that has run in two cities since February.

The description for iOS and Android apps explains that the support service "orders from local businesses of all sizes, including San Francisco Bay Area Food," but plans to expand the list. Retailers join and roll out in new US cities from time to time. Square has yet to announce the service at this point officially; although it will be released directly on the App Store and Google Play, we have reached out to the company for details.

The service's premise is simple - order and prepays to get rid of the pain of queuing up and paying your bills. The app allows you to locate your restaurant, cafe, or shop or pick; from there, you simply order, pay on your tab (with an optional tip) and then wait for Alerts to let you know that your order is a ready receipt.

While there are plenty of pre-order services out there in the US market, with PayPal adding this feature to its iOS app, Square has a big advantage that it already offers merchant payment systems. That could allow it to bring a large number of retailers and their inventory into new services quickly. Since it also handles the payment aspect, it is not dependent on a third party, which helps users avoid paying extra fees and helps Square bank earn more.

A recent Wired report pointed out that Square has a huge amount of data and is monetized in various ways, but scaling to order has a lot of power with what it's doing.

The launch of new services is a challenging time for Square. It has been linked with a sale to Google, as it faces massive losses, while it is also reportedly planning an IPO.

Recode reports that as part of the Square Order launch, the company decided to close its mobile payments app and subscribe to Square Wallet. Square is supposed to support the app for the time being, but the app was taken from the App Store and Google Play.

A Square spokesperson told TNW that Square Order built on the Square Wallet experience using new technology. The company wanted to give customers a unique experience when searching for Square's buyer app - now Square Order.

“Square Wallet offers buyers a magic way to pay. We're taking everything we learned from Wallet and what people love in Wallet and building it into Square Order. We think it's an even better experience that gives buyers more convenience, ”said the spokesperson.

Square is continuing to support customers with the Wallet app.

4. GrubHub

GrubHub is both an online ordering tool and a marketing service for restaurants. Customers visit GrubHub, and they discover restaurants offering delivery services nearby. In addition to accepting orders online through GrubHub's website and mobile app, restaurants in partnership with GrubHub can also accept orders through their own custom websites. The company's OrderHub tool helps restaurants manage online orders using a tablet device, while DeliveryHub allows restaurant drivers to update their order status in real-time using their phones cleverly. GrubHub charges restaurants based on the amount of business they receive.

While you may be just familiar with the main Grubhub name, the restaurant delivery app does have many other delivery apps. It bought Seamless, Eat24, and others. Grubhub claims that you can increase sales by up to 30% by providing delivery services through its app. But how does it all work, and is it really worth it? In this article, we will look at how and why to use Grubhub in your restaurants.

The restaurant side of using Grubhub is pretty seamless:

  • Register with Grubhub.

  • Set up menus, distribution boundaries, and other details.

  • Order confirmation sent from Grubhub.

  • Prepare food and pack it safely.

  • Coordinate with your home delivery officer or Grubhub delivery driver.

  • Make sure all items are handed over to the driver.

  • Collect money (little Grubhub commission) on orders.

You will subscribe to Grubhub and determine your level of marketing engagement. (Learn more about this later in the cost section later in this article.) You can also set your own minimum order and shipping charges.

Once setup is complete, the customer will place their order on the Grubhub website or mobile app. (Grubhub also provides a convenient online ordering link for your website.) The company then sends the order to your restaurant for preparation. You will confirm receipt of the order and preparation of the food. From there, you can deliver your order by using the delivery staff or using the delivery driver requested by Grubhub.

Grubhub offers this video on order management and confirmation:

When you make changes to your menu in the connected POS system, it will automatically update your menu on Grubhub. Compatible POS systems include NCR Silver, Oracle, RPower, Toast, and Upserve systems.

If not, you can log into Grubhub to update the menu, as well as upload photos of your food. Photos should be the actual dishes you serve at your restaurant and must be clear and appealing. Grubhub suggests images of food on a plate (instead of food in take-out boxes) captured with natural light. Grubhub must approve photos before they appear on the online menu.

Restaurants for business lunchtime crowds will appreciate the service's Grubhub for Work component. It allows a business to order and assign items to specific people for easy distribution at an office or store.

If the order is for a group with items designated for individuals, Grubhub asks you to package the items for that individual and label them. In the example below, you can see that Brooke ordered two items. You will need to separate Brooke's soups and salads separately and label them as Brooke's.

As with any order, you will still confirm that you have received it. You can confirm by email (using the confirmation link in the order) or via fax. If you don't confirm within a few minutes, you can expect a call to prompt you for confirmation automatically.

Customers can choose whether they want their order to be completed as soon as possible or within a specific time period. However, if the ASAP order exceeds $ 300, a Grubhub company representative will call you to understand the order completion time better and confirm with the business.

On the other hand, Grubhub for Work orders can be placed for a specific time, instead of as soon as possible. In such cases, the order will clearly note that it is the specific time. For example, in the image below, the order specifies "NOT ASAP" and lists delivery times in several locations.

In both cases, the process is the same: You will need to confirm that your restaurant has received the order, prepare the dish as soon as possible or within the allotted time, and deliver the food to the restaurant. Delivery driver. You and the driver should go through the categories and remember to ask the driver to abbreviate the order.

Joining a distributed app doesn't come cheap. However, it's not about hiring a delivery driver and managing home deliveries. You will need to weigh the costs and benefits of your own restaurant.

The Grubhub restaurant cost may include several separate fees, such as:

  • Commission on prepaid orders

  • Delivery commission

  • Marketing commission

  • Commissions ordered by phone

  • Order processing fee

  • "Pay Me Now" fee

Some of these fees will apply to the same order placed through the Grubhub app. Generally, most restaurants will pay about 30% commission on orders on Grubhub.

The company's website provides an example of how these costs might happen for a restaurant that accepts orders through the app:

As you can see in this example, with an order of $ 44.28, the restaurant pays Grubhub's marketing commission, delivery commission, and handling fee. Those three charges add up to $ 13.95, costing the restaurant $ 30.33.

Let's take a closer look at what these fees are and when they apply.

Commission for prepaid orders

"Prepaid orders" commission applies when a customer places an order through Grubhub's website or app, not your website or by calling. It is calculated on the total food and drink unless you deliver it yourself. In that case, it will apply to the total food, beverage, and delivery charges you charge the customer.

Delivery commission

As the name implies, the delivery commission is the fee you'll pay Grubhub for shipping your customers.

While many restaurants like the simplicity of using Grubhub's delivery option, it's not entirely necessary. Meaning, you can take orders through Grubhub but handle the deliveries yourself. If you already have the delivery system and drivers, you can simply use Grubhub to increase your reach while handling actual home deliveries.

If not, Grubhub provides the driver upon request and charges a delivery commission along with other applicable charges. At the time of this writing, Grubhub charges a 10% delivery fee. Commissions are calculated before tax.

If you use Grubhub's delivery options, you cannot separately charge your customer for delivery. If you use a courier, you may charge a delivery fee.

Marketing Committee

Grubhub's marketing commission is a percentage fee for your restaurant to be marketed through Grubhub channels. The company claims that the commission level you choose directly affects your restaurant's visibility on the Grubhub site. Higher marketing commission = more impressions and supposed to reach more customers.

Unfortunately, the company hasn't released more information. As you can see from the example price above, the marketing commission is 20%. However, there are different levels, and it is not clear whether 20% is one of the higher or lower marketing commission options. We have reached out to Grubhub and will add more details as they become available.

Commissions ordered by phone

The telephone order commission applies to a customer's orders using your restaurant's routing phone number listed on the Grubhub site. This fee is different from the upfront commission, which is applied to orders booked directly through Grubhub. (On the company website or company app.)

Grubhub doesn't list commission rates for phone orders (and it's not on the sample receipts on the company's website), so we can't say for sure how much it will cost. We have contacted Grubhub for this information.

Order processing fee

As the name implies, the order processing fee is Grubhub charges to processing for an order. It includes the costs of accepting card payments. The current rate is 3.05% + 30 cents per order.

For most restaurants, that's a pretty hefty credit card processing fee. Restaurants that currently have lower processing and door-to-door delivery fees will need to consider whether processing costs are higher in addition to cost-effective marketing and order commissions.

"Pay Me Now" fee

If you require your deposit to be issued on the same day, Grubhub will impose a $ 1 fee per transaction. If not, you will receive the money within a few days.

Tax information

The IRS considers Grubhub a third-party mediation institution, which means they must submit you a 1099-k form for your mediated transactions each year.

You will receive 1099k per taxpayer ID. If you operate multiple locations under one taxpayer ID, your 1099-k will aggregate amounts for all restaurant locations under that ID. On the other hand, if all of your restaurant locations operate under a separate taxpayer ID, you'll receive an individual 1099-k for each location.

Grubhub submits 1099-k forms to the address on file for your restaurant.

Is Grubhub worthy?

When deciding whether a delivery app is right for your restaurant, there are several factors to consider.

If you are wondering if you should use Grubhub or not, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is delivery popular enough for your restaurant type and location?

  • Do you have a delivery man, or will you get a 10% commission for using a Grubhub driver?

  • Are diners familiar with your restaurant by name (and therefore possibly looking for you by name on Grubhub), or are you hoping to increase visibility through the app?

If your goal is to increase visibility, you may need to plan higher marketing commissions to appear in more general searches and more prominent placements on the Grubhub site. That will increase your cost of using the service.

Ultimately, it's up to you to determine if Grubhub's benefits offset the relatively high commission. In crowded locations, diners can expect you to be on Grubhub, so you can miss out if you don't. If you choose an application-delivery service, remember to carefully monitor your application orders to determine if the service is cost-effective for your restaurant.

5. eHungry

Restaurants can use eHungry to start accepting digital orders quickly. Customers browse the menus that restaurants upload to their hungry ordering website, and they can pay for those orders via credit card or Paypal. Restaurants can decide to accept pickup, delivery, dinner, catering orders, or all of the above, and they control how and when orders are sent. (Most choose to send orders to the business by fax, email, printer, tablet, or through eHungry's web control panel.) Automated calls or messages can also be set up for notifications. for employees when there are orders. eHungry offers coupon and promotion creation features, along with re-ordering for frequent customers. eHungry charges a 2.9% fee for each order.

Online ordering website:

  • Mobile friendly and works on all devices

  • Customize to match your restaurant brand

  • Use your own domain name or subdomain

  • Supports multiple locations and franchisees

  • Browse demos

  • order screenshots

  • Feature-rich system

  • Packed with multiple buttons, you can press

Feature-Rich System:

  • Advanced prep time and moderator features

  • Stock item menu and stock availability

  • Provide pick up, delivery, dinner, curb, catering, or any options you offer

  • order screenshots

  • Friendly customer

  • Build long-term customers

Quick and easy re-ordering:

  • Offer coupons and discounts to increase loyalty

  • Suggest and sell menu items

  • The customer is prompted when the order is ready

  • order screenshots

  • Top-Notch Service

Friendly customer:

  • Build long-term customers

  • Quick and easy re-ordering

  • Offer coupons and discounts to increase loyalty

  • Suggest and sell menu items

  • The customer is prompted when the order is ready

Top-Notch Service:

  • You get a dedicated support team to make sure your restaurant is up and running

  • Their team can do all the setup, design, and configuration work for you (for free!)

  • Help guides and tutorials are available for those types of DIY

Total control:

  • Control every aspect of your online ordering and customer data through Web dashboard

  • View your stats, analytics, and run reports anytime to see how your numbers are up.

  • Export your customer and order data at any time, or integrate it with outside services like Zapier, Shipday, Square, and more.

  • Receive orders by fax, email, text message, Web, tablet, mobile app, Webhooks, Google Cloud Print, directly to the printer and Point of Sale

Security & Accessibility:

  • 99.9 +% uptime with off-site backup and redundant monitoring

  • Updates and new features are always being added

  • Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) guidelines

  • Sensitive information is encrypted and 256-bit protected

  • Work with more than 70 payment service providers, including Authorize.Net, First Data, Heartland, Square, PayPal, Worldpay, and many others.

How eHungry works:

a. Send them your menu

They'll set up all your online orders (for free!), Ready to go in just a few days. It's even custom-designed for your restaurant branding.

b. Robot holds the envelope

Add an order link to your website or use it as your primary website. Then post it on social media, your Google listing, in your restaurant, and more.

c. Robot keeps the order now signed

Start filling orders: Customers order online and pay directly to you. Plus, you own all of your customer data!

6. Splick-It

Splick-It provides restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, and airports in multiple locations with technology to create web and mobile ordering apps, including in-app payments. Restaurants have the option of using Splick-It's application platform or integrating the company's ordering and billing APIs into the apps they've built. Customers can order takeaway or delivery through the app. Restaurants have the option of integrating Splick-It with their existing POS or using the company's enterprise-class mobile POS. Splick-It also supports beacon-based ordering, email marketing, and integration with existing loyalty programs. Custom price available.

Splick-it is an exceptional gambling platform for merchant solutions. Splick-it simplifies ordering, billing, and online and mobile marketing. Splick-it solutions are designed to reinforce brands that connect customers and food. Splick-it Technology is specially designed for the food industry and provides an application to more than a thousand single and franchised restaurants.

Splick-it technology brings convenience and technology together. Restaurants use Splick-it to create custom apps that are expandable and easy to prepare. The Splick-it apps are customized for brands and maintained by Splick-it industry-leading technology. Teams create and maintain websites and mobile apps for ordering, billing, and brand loyalty. Also, Splick-it lets their customers choose how they want to receive orders and data. Splick-it uses POS machines, fax machines, printers, tablets, and phones. The Splick-it platform drives more sales than automated orders and offers data-driven analytics and marketing tools. With this information, sellers can decide how to promote the brand and reward users. Merchants benefit from Splick-it's dedicated account managers who help plan marketing campaigns and develop strategies to improve customer loyalty.

Splick-it has become the online and mobile ordering platform for a popular restaurant chain in New Jersey. By using an online ordering platform, customers find ordering more convenient and realize faster delivery. With over 750 locations, Splick-it continues to help sub franchises and sandwiches reward customers for their loyalty and help customers track, earn, and redeem points. Franchise restaurants have seen an increase in productivity from not answering calls and increasing the frequency of customers.

bePOS - The Most Powerful POS System For Merchants

  • Kitchen Display System: Get quick order status updates & Avoid any lost or forgotten tickets left at the printer.

  • Staff Management: Easy to manage, track, measure, schedule; Maintain payroll details & Personalize accounts with employee-specific settings.

  • Cloud-based: Stay synced anytime, anywhere & Enhance customer experience with only one information database.

  • Menu Management: Add, clone, and organize menu items & Easy to modify to react with customer special order.

  • Cash management: Account for and manage cash in the till with simple pay-ins and pay-outs

  • CRM: Record the customer's profiles and buying history & Drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers.

  • Inventory Management: Track recipes against menu item; Determine ingredient-level food costs with ease & Auto-updated with in-service alerts.

  • Instant reporting: Post sales data daily, save time, and reduce errors & Draw insights from comprehensive end-of-day summaries and other detailed reports.

Moreover, bePOS have some special features that no POS System contain:

  • Track Costs: Track recipes against menu items and determine ingredient-level food costs with ease

  • Menu Engineer: Track recipes against menu items and determine ingredient-level food costs with ease

  • Improve Service: Keep staff aware of inventory levels automatically with in-service alerts.

  • Define Ingredients: Easily create and track ingredients, with costing and unit measure information.

  • Create Recipes: Associate common ingredients with menu items using tap-to-create recipes

  • Track Inventory: Easily update all menu items with ingredients in its recipe, especially; with Restaurant Inventory Management features, you can create and manage a limitless number of ingredients with the unit cost and retail price, mark any menu item out of stock, and straightforward inventory reports. Also, you can customize menu items with varied & detailed ingredients and inventory countdown. With purchase and order, you can easily report on inventory levels and suggest re-stock options.

Besides, if your restaurant needs more hardware, bePOS is considered to be the best solution for you, which includes:

  • iPad & iPad STAND: Apple tablet can operate as the POS terminal. Staff can take it to the table or leave stationary at a counter. Case (or stand) enclosures for your iPad, protect it from breakage, and safely secure a counter to prevent theft.

  • Cash drawer: This hardware bundle will help you build the perfect wireless experience. The cash drawer can connect through one of our supported printers and serial drawers.

  • iPhone & iPad: This is a small and portable version of your tablet POS system, which allows your employee to work on the move. The fast and reliable printer has innovative functionalities for POS environments. The small size makes it ideal for customers with limited counter space.

  • LAN receipt printer.

Using bePOS brings you better communication with display ticket times to keep track of turn around, which helps staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go. It reduces less hardware with display ticket times to keep track of turn around and help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go. bePOS helps create an ultimate service with display ticket times to keep track of turnaround, which helps staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go. Get reports tailored to table-service restaurants: revenue centers, item and modifier sales, customer frequency, employee sales. If it hits the bottom line, we’ve got a report for it. Try bePOS now, and we promise to give you the best experience ever! The food delivery market is spreading among consumers. Furthermore, it is a potential area for investment. If you want to create your own food delivery website, you have two options. You can use a template for your future website and hire a development team to customize it to your needs. Alternatively, you can hire a team to develop a completely custom solution for ordering and delivering food, which can be expensive but beneficial.

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