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bePOS - All-in-one Platform

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

POS stands for Point of Sale. A point-of-sale (POS) transaction work while the products or services purchased by a customer. POS system is commonly used to complete the transaction.

Integrated of over 600+ features, bePOS is brought several solutions which are fully serve the owner's demand in Spa, Nail, F&B and Retail business. With a 50% rise in sales and saving 30% of operation cost for our customers after just one year, bePOS is proud to boost your business growth.

Trusted by over 4000+ merchants in Worldwide, bePOS is highly rated for many reasons such as: user interface is easy to use, professional and enthusiastic support team, free setup and update menu...

E-Voucher Management

This is bePOS's unique selling point. It allows business owner to open and control the vouchers. Then, the code of vouchers will be sent to the last customers by using bePOS system. Comparing with the traditional vouchers (Paper voucher cards), E-voucher is easier to control and evaluate, reduces the printing cost and less of time consuming.

This feature is pretty convenience for both business owners and their customers.

General Report

bePOS is providing reports of: Profit, Salary, Cash flow... This feature covers almost business activity, which helps the managers follow up every tasks easily. Especially, Cloud Computing was applied that makes Real-time data synchronization. As a result, it helps managers keep track of the business situation ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Do you know that the Marketing Cost to get new customer is eight times higher than it does to the old one?

Otherwise, 80% of company's profits mainly come from loyalty customers.

So.. How to turn a new customer into loyal customer?

CRM feature of bePOS will support you in this case by:

- Saving customer information include: demographic, using service frequency, customer habit...

- Dividing customer into different groups of target, boosting Marketing strategy effectively.

- Quickly and updating information easily.

- Kicking off customer loyalty program, member card...

Marketing Automation

After saving and dividing customer information by CRM system, Marketing Automation feature will automatically carry out marketing strategy with the lowest cost.

This feature can help managers doing many tasks such as carrying out Marketing campaigns, sending messages and E-vouchers,... Moreover, after kicking off Marketing campaigns, the result will be saved and displayed as a report that helps the manager controlling and evaluating the effectiveness of the campaigns.

With these outstanding features, we believe that our Point-of-sale solution would bring many benefits to business owners.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to comment below for further information.

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