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How To Make A Perfect Hair Salon Business Plan

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

If you are having an intention of developing your own business in the hair salon industry, you may face up to dozens of obstacles ranging from finance, marketing, sales and so on which are overwhelming enough to make you depressed.

However, all the difficulties are temporary, you need to keep on patient & carefully researching to create a strategic plan for your business. This article will show you how to do a business plan sample in the most effective & time-saving way.

hair salon business plan

5 Benefits Of Creating A Hair Salon Business Plan

1. Bring you a bigger picture of your business

There are various types of a business plan including annual plans, internal plans, operation plans, growth plans and more. Hair salon may feel extremely confused at the first phase of making a decision on which business models to follow.

Choosing which plan to make depends on many factors. You may apply different strategy in one period under a specific circumstance, then you may change the plan because of unexpected problems which frequently happen to start-up.

2. Help you to focus on strategic problems

Your hair salon business plan must be operational & strategic-oriented. It has to include detailed information which is strictly based on deadlines and implementations.

Hair salon managers are advised to set specific goals & milestones for their business to control their productivity and boost the responsibilities of all team.

3. Help you to set priorities of what to do

Priorities should be set to ensure you do more urgent work first. There are always unexpected incidents happening to your hair salon business while you are having other problems to solve. However, make sure you will focus on which is more necessary to be handled in order to guarantee the smooth operation of your hair salon. After that, turn back, rank your problems & solve them completely one by one.

4. Keep you always being ready with all the unexpected changes

You may think of unexpected circumstances that are likely to happen to your business at the making-plan period. If they truly happen, you now have a path to deal with them.

Preparation is for all time an essential part & the core of a high-quality business plan. Beside pre-thought solutions, business plans make hair salon managers feel much more secured & less stressed in running their own business.

5. Force you to be result-oriented

When you have a plan with clear to-be milestones and goals, keep following your plan regardless of anything. Following the pre-plan, make sure all the things get done, bear in mind to see at the final result. Believe us, there is a satisfying feeling waiting for the planner and success ahead for your business.

15 Clever Suggestions To Create A Comprehensive Hair Salon Business Plan

salon staff

1. Make sure that your business is legal by getting a proper license

Have you ever thought: “Do I need a business license to open a hair salon?”

One obligatory factor to run a salon is getting a license in business and cosmetology.

However, licensing requirements vary from different states. At least, hair salon managers must finish a course at cosmetology school which takes hours of class attendance to achieve. Then, they can hand in the cosmetology and prove their financial ability to get a proper business license & officially run their own hair salon.

2. Think about your salon long-term development to be well-prepared

Think big, do big are not enough. The important thing is to seriously make up a long-term plan for your business in 3 to 5 years. Having a long-term plan means that your team is unified in a single direction and every toughest decision has been forecast which hair salon managers belief through hardship.

3. It is vital to set clear goals & objectives for your hair salon

A strategic hair salon business plan requires you to define clear goals and by that enables you to achieve them which is regarded as a huge competitive advantage.

Don’t forget to foster your team and ask your colleague about their opinions on the objectives before finalizing them since, sometimes, recommendations from other people will be much more realistic and help you to realize hidden fault of your plan.

4. Sales forecast should be an obligatory job for you to do!

Ideally, revenues would cover some expenses so that and it wouldn't be necessary to figure out how much you have to pay to keep on the business. It might happen, but maybe in the future, not in the first phase of starting up a business.

There are many available tools which can be used to forecast sales such as: using TP(Trade Publications, Product vendor) or installing a camera recording all activities of customers...

5. Try to minimize your cost

Calculating finance seems more to control all the start-up loans & estimate your payment. Make sure to list all the must-pay expenses every month an always prepare to be ready at any time.

One way to manage your finance is to make the payment every month ON TIME. It sounds a little bit odd but by that, hair salon managers know precisely their savings & adjust the money for other demands.

hair salon managers

6. Figure out the most exact amount of expenses for facilities

There is plenty of hair salon equipment, such as hair brushes, combs, dryers, dye bowls, towels, collars and so on. Nevertheless, you don’t need to buy all the facilities since it depends on which kind of hair salon you hope to open.

The purchase of hair salon equipment can be significantly cut down on if you can take advantage of available furniture from family or friends. In some cases, your partner may have sources to help, just ask for them and share the responsibility.

7. Market your hair salon to reach more potential customers

Hair salon marketing plays an essential role in your plan overview because marketing tools are said to be a fast-track sales booster for every business. You can market for your salon by giving away hair salon promotional items, offering them online booking with salon software system or sponsor a small local hair fashion show if necessary.

Marketing will cost a large part of your budget plan but believe us, you must let the customer remember your brand to survive. There are hundreds of new hair salons every day so that your business will survive by standing out of the crowd.

8. Don't mind about your hair salon location is a wrong idea!

During the first time of business, hair salon managers tend to focus on macro problems such as business models, strategy, etc that makes you ignore one urgent factor: location!

In the past, most hair salon owners think that investing in a fancy place is consuming & unnecessary.

However, all recent researches show a totally objective result. Most of the potential customers said that they need to find the closest hair salon but it is not easy because of the standard, services,...so to make you understand that finding a place in residence & providing the best service you can are 2 keys for salon success.

9. Bring the customers the best experience with a cozy atmosphere

It is often said that hair salon managers should follow the 5 steps to bring your customers the best experiences: Call your customer’s name, Acknowledge your customer, apologize, listen & love your customers despite how difficult they are. Imagine how nice is that if you walk into a salon with a warm welcome from the salon staff “Good afternoon, Ms.X”

Customers are the key to your success and affect the way you earn your living. However, treating them like they are queen is sometimes not enough. Learn to love them. When you foster a love for someone you can have the motivation to help you out.

10. Take advantage of media to boost your reputation

You’ll tremendously benefit from using media to boost your reputation because social media possesses many free tools to advertise & sell your services directly to millions of potential customers.

For a small business, using social media is utmostly important. You can take full advantages of at least 6 popular social media channels namely Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, and Snapchat.

hair salon industry

11. Choose the unique selling point for your hair salon is a wise strategy

A unique selling point states your company’s position in the marketplace, getting at the core of your business: the value you give & the problem you solve. A strong USP clearly points out a specific benefit – one that other competitors can not offer – that makes your hair salon stand out.

Your spa may offer a wide range of products from hair-cutting, coloring, styling, waxing and so on. However, try your best to figure out which products bring your salon more profit & make it your unique selling point.

12. Hire & train your salon staff to ensure service quality

The salon staff you hire will decide on treatments, services, and many other heart problems of a salon which makes the salon managers feel really confused when hiring their staff. You can find for experienced employees through online sites, advertisement,...or using your own Fan page.

Although employee - hunting process if difficult, the training process will cost much more time & effort of salon managers. Firstly, make sure your employees get all the basic knowledge about the spa, then show them with the daily process to make the knowledge customized in employees.

13. Never forget about your local competitors & how to make your spa outstanding!

Spa business has recent may get more recognization than other plans. However, no business plan is excluded from its competitors.

You can learn many things from the competitors ranging from unique products, how to run a website & time of discount … Moreover, these activities also help you to update the competitive market.

14. Join in trade organization will be a big plus point for your business

Taking part in an association gives members a competitive advantage since they become active. Many members who are leading busy professional lives depend on their association to update them on important industry trends, new legislative rules, and advances in technology.

Another key benefit of joining a trade association is the ability to support the mission of the organization and possibly influence the industry. ... Trade organization provides a forum of salon organization for members to share ideas & thoughts.

15. Summarize all the milestones you want to get

Last but not least, don’t forget to make a quick summary of what you had done and all the memorable milestones. Ideally, they should be logically tied to related schedule activities which means that, at a minimum, a begin milestone should have a successor, and a finish milestone should have a predecessor too. That’s time to set a list of other milestones & follow until you get success.

Another Simple Way To Organize Your Hair Salon

salon software

Despite the hair salon business plan’s effectiveness, not everyone finds time & effort to make a complete business plan.

Don’t worry!

There is another simple but efficient way to help you optimize your business by using POS system which integrates powerful tools of hair salon management including salon schedule software, salon inventory software & customer service management.

Among all these popular POS systems, bePOS - an Australian software stands out for its combination of the latest technology (cloud-based), convenience (available on PC, and Android) and competitive price (3 packages for you to choose).

bePOS has assisted thousands of hair salon managers in successfully managing their own salons.

Try it for FREE right now to get all the daily task clear!

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