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The Complete Guide On How To Start A Spa Successfully

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Undoubtedly, it's a big undertaking to open a day spa.

However, if you dream of starting your luxury day spa business, the perfect moment to get started is right now.

The world's beauty spa sector is a billion dollar industry. Surprisingly, it may not be as expensive and challenging as you might assume to get started. Our complete step-by-step guide includes all the knowledge you need to support you and how to manage a spa business in the early days.

Are you now interested in starting a spa?

Let's discover the 14 crucial steps below.

1. Create A Spa Business Plan

It takes more than just a qualified practitioner to run a spa. You will still need a solid business plan as a clear road map you can follow. Start identifying your ideas and then continue to describe all the services that you plan to deliver and any products that you decide to sell.

Also, provide a list of start-up costs, and ongoing costs. Finalize with a forecast of how much you suppose to gain and what your profit margin is expected to be.

Check out article Spa Business Plan - 1001 Guide & Sample For Every Spa to know more.

2. Complete All Required Documentation

Once you have created the business plan for your day spa, get the documentation and the spa license requirements completed. Failure to obtain appropriate licenses and permits can result in severe penalties or even shut down your enterprise.

You will need to register for a variety of taxes and legal entity before you can open for business. Since it takes too much time to finish, this might subsequently delay the opening of the spa in time.

3. Define Your Vision & Brand

Think about what's beneficial to the organization as it would influence your entire business. Is it going to be a mixture of salon and spa, focusing on being green or providing only high-end services?

Once these choices are made, they will help determine all the other selection that will ultimately affect the experience of the visitors— the treatments, the things they see and touch, and the details that will evoke emotions, this will produce a unique experience that differs from your rivals.

Always remember to make sure you're attracting your customers by offering something unique and worth their money.

4. Find A Location & Build Spa Facility

You have to be some distance away from every other spa, but still in the central area of the city with prosperous or upscale citizens. At the very least, the people who will use your services should be easily accessible. You can choose to construct your facility, renovate a current building, or attempt to find a complete architecture that works.

If you make structural adjustments to the construction, you may need to hire an architect's services. Start decorating and planning how you will set up your therapy rooms or lounge if you are not constructing or doing renovations.

5. Understand The Current Competition

You'll need to understand what they're offering and what price points they've selected.

A successful owner understands very well about the industry rivals. To counter the competition, the spa business manager can create strategies. Find the day spas in your town and nearby cities, then visit their websites and social media pages to learn more about them.

Visit these spas secretly, if possible, and observe their operations and customer services. To decide which additional facilities your business can give to beat the contest, have access to their service menu.

6. Identify Your Target Customer

Look carefully around and find out whom your potential customers are going to be. Moreover, do an extensive study of their liking, prefers, and budget, your spa idea or the whole business will rotate around them. Make sure that your services will fulfill their demands.

Determine if your day spa will look to attract neighborhood residents, or will it be a destination day spa for the affluent and celebrities in an upmarket. You can also predict demographics such as socioeconomic groups, sex, age, education, occupation, and so on. That comprises a market niche to understand your target customers better.

7. Estimate The Initial Costs

In start-ups, the budget may be the most vital element. You are keeping this in mind, estimating the total cost of getting your feet in a new day spa business. To get the company up and running smoothly, different types of expenses will be needed.

Everything from infrastructural costs to furnishing and fixing, professional graphic designer costs, and pre-opening expenditures, including marketing, will be necessary. Do a rough calculation of all these costs, excluding miscellaneous spending as it is the first step towards discovering your company feasibility.

8. Finish The Spa Service Menu

While you can offer numerous services, a spa business should provide at least two of the following services: massage, skin care, or body treatments.

Taking the time to select your service offerings carefully will help you make a better distinction between your business and your competitors. You might decide, for example, that you only want to specialize in a few services rather than offering a wide range. Alternatively, you may choose to provide services that are not commonly available in other local spas.

9. Buy & Setup The Spa Equipment

You'll want to evaluate the price of the equipment required to deliver a specific service toward profitability.

Some facilities, such as hydrotherapy, may involve substantial investment, especially if you need to upgrade your infrastructure (such as installing plumbing lines and running electrical) and the price of the equipment itself.

You may decide to restrict your first services until your spa reaches a particular client threshold, cash flow, and savings to make the extra investment worthwhile.

10. Hire Experienced Staff

You will have a better knowledge of the employees you need to employ to fill all positions once you have decided which services you want to give.

You will also want to guarantee that your employees provide a continuous level of service and stay up-to-date with present methods to remain competitive. Hire skilled staff who can deliver the services effectively to your customers' satisfaction. A better way to get trained employees working for you is when it comes to employing is getting suggestions from community colleges and teachers.

11. Develop Sales & Marketing Strategies

Initially, you'll need significant capital to raise awareness of the spa-goers marketplace, but it's becoming steadily more cost-effective once your company has picked up an outstanding pace. Your strategic sales and marketing plan will assist you to step ahead of your competitors as the industry is extremely competitive.

Marketing is an essential element of every business. Your marketing strategy must include both the development of physical marketing collateral such as the design of business cards, brochures, and digital marketing material such as website, social media. Other things you can do to support your company are PR and strategic alliances.

So far, the sales plan is concerned, find out how you are going to sale the spa. What are the critical messages your team will express to potential customers in hopes of bringing them to your business? Make sure that your sales team is well prepared to persuade prospective customers about the services offered by your enterprise. Every time you include a new service, you can hold a training session for them.

12. Determine The Offered Spa Products

Once the facilities satisfy your spa customers, they most probably want to buy spa products that can remind them of their visit to the spa. So don't leave any unturned stone. Please provide them with high-quality products that enhance the picture you create for your day spa. Please create a logo that can leave them with a permanent impression.

13. Offer Special Spa Pricing During Opening Time

Finally, offer attractive package pricing when you open your day spa business as a first gift to your customers. Most spas give a range of service packages that continually change, providing their clients with the chance to spend a whole day being pampered. Overall, pricing fluctuates with modifications in domestic and local economies, so it's a good idea to research the prices of rivals frequently.

14. Plan A Grand Opening Party

You've planned your business carefully. You've secured your finance. You've just about finished setting up facilities.

It's time to open your doors to the public.

With a plan in mind for your opening day, you can make sure you get plenty of customers in the gate and create media buzz adequately to continue attracting them afterward. You can do this by offering a special discount; treating your customers to a giveaway bag with some samples of your product and branded merchandise, or holding a sale on a particular product or service.

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