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19 Secrets On How To Start A Spa With No Money

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Starting up a spa has always been the dream of thousands of beauty fans.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to afford the unimaginable cost to enter this highly competitive industry.

So, what if you can start your spa business with NO MONEY at all?

This idea seems to be too unrealistic at first! However, with what we are about to share in this article including spa strategies, solutions & operations, opening a successful spa business will be never easier for you that much!

Keep scrolling down to discover 19 Secrets On How To Start A Spa With No Money that other spa owners will never tell you!

how to start a spa with no money

5 Challenges Surely Happen To Every Spa Manager When Starting The Business

Before digging into top secrets for starting up a spa business with no money, let’s start with the obstacles you surely face up within the first phase full of unpredictable problems when opening your own spa business.

1. Poor Level Of Professional Training

The spa industry has been growing dramatically in recent years resulting in dozens of side services for those who desire to open one including spa training courses to help spa owners earn their spa management degrees,...

However, most of the professional spa training programs come from specific & foreign organizations such as famous university & well-credited spa chains making it harder for others to access directly to the professional system of knowledge, especially for spa managers in developing countries where spa industry has not been as strong as developed ones.

2. Customer Disloyalty

spa business plan

It is the matter of fact that there exist tons of spas to choose and the number will never stop to grow because of the popularity of spas in this day and time.

Every day, customers are exposed to a large number of advertising posts & continual temptation from different spas which makes it really hard work for spa managers to think about one efficient way to hold the customer’s loyalty.

Nowadays, spa owners have tried a lot of methods to attract customers like offering lower price, giving away gift cards and extending service menu.

>> Read How to manage a spa business & find out 17 tips of spa management to draw customers’ attention in the most natural way!

3. Exceeding Working Hours Of Spa Staff

spa managers

Customers can appear at any time of the day regardless of noon break or holiday when the number of your salon staff is at the lowest point and their mood is going down.

Unluckily, good service based on customer’s experience and feeling so that you have to be well-prepared at every hour of the day by having a staff willing to work every time.

Overworking hour will be counted at a competitive rate for hard-working employees increasing the final cost of the product.

4. The Unstable Demand On The Market

What makes you think the overall number of customers will remain during the year? In fact, there are many factors affecting their decision about going to a spa. For example, the holiday is the busiest time of the year for spa managers since the demand will significantly increase and some spas also unable to serve all the customers.

On the contrary, on some seasons, customers do not pay much attention to spa & beauty salons as much as they used to which making demand prediction impossible for a large number of spas in this industry.

5. The Hesitation On Which Product Should Be Mainstream

You can easily name a lot of products a spa can provide ranging from facial treatment, nail, hair care to medical therapies…

However, a spa cannot have enough cost and resources to invest into all those things. Instead, spa owners have to pick some main products and focus on developing them to be the unique selling point of their spas.

Along with the unstable demand on the market as mentioned before, this work will cost the leaders a lot of effort, research & determination.

How to start a spa with no money

19 Top Secrets On How To Start Your Spa Business With No Money

1. Make A Great Spa Business Plan

spa marketing plan

Making a great spa business plan is the first step in building a successful spa. A spa business plan plays a key role to the frame of all your business model.

At first, you may face up to tons of unexpected problems, mostly from low start-up business loan & liability issues. Therefore, a well-prepared plan will shine up the path to success, helping you answer all the doubted questions on "What, Why, When" to act so as not to lose from the first phase.

By making a plan, your business will definitely save up lots of money & time spent on other important goals.

2. Spa partnership can build your spa stronger!

Having to say that you are trying to start a business with NO MONEY, so that the difficulty and hardship will double many times.

As a result, finding the true partnership who possess your same passion, ideas & eager to jump into your venture will help you to develop your spa business and share risk.

how to start a spa with no money

Obviously, you may get their time, sweat, blood, and tears by a strategic partnership agreement, please make your partners feel respected that they are truly a part of your spa business plan and your spa is a potential venture to invest in with great success ahead.

Sometimes, you can even take advantage of your partnership’s available spa - related stuff from their other business to reduce to the overall cost.

3. Save Money For A Tight Budget

how much money do i need to open a spa

Fundraising for start-up at the first stage is regarded as an immense challenge for spa owners since you haven’t had any specific product yet so the investors have no proof to believe in your idea. Nonetheless, there are still various sources you can get finance from.

At first, you may consider asking for your family, close friends or take personal loans. Using networks can be a possible solution to your problem too.

In addition, venture capital groups are also willing to help start-up companies with the loan up to $1 million dollars as if spa owners can show off the business future potential.

4. Find A Complete Vision For Your Spa

spa vision plan

How many kinds of spa do you know?

Which one will you decide to chase? (day spa or massage spa?)

Is it a combination of mingled & confused problems meeting at salon and spa business?

Make sure to answer all the above questions before defining the vision your spa as a right vision will assist you in developing your spa in the very long term with a right strategy as well as improve customer’s experience at your spa. If you want to win all the competitors, your spa must be both well-equipped & emotion-evoking.

5. Identify Your Spa Target Customers

spa industry

Finding potential customers costs a time-consuming demanding on highly-qualified & time-consuming research so as to define the target clients. After that, you can make a persona of customers including their tastes, likes & affordable budget to make sure that your spa service suits them.

Another way to research customers is to divide them into small sessions based on sex, age, occupation, education, and locations.

Don’t forget to look around your spa neighborhood residence to see if you can get some loyal customers from it!

6. Make Your Brand Memorable

trust and credibility

Now that you have found out your target customers, their tastes, likes, and budgets, it is high time to create a strong brand making your spa unique & draw customers’ attraction.

In your spa, you may have offered a lot of services. However, some other authentic treatment as added value for the customer such as using the facial cream sample as gifts is highly recommended.

Additionally, offer them a hot cup of herbal tea or free medical examination will help to raise up your spa trust and credibility.

7. Choosing The Spa Location That Fits Your Budget

strategic location

You may think the spa location is not so important that much, especially when having no money & having to face up with tons of problems urgently needed to be solved. However, that idea will make you regret soon!

Hiring a strategic location for the spa makes your place accessible and convenient for customers to come. In some cases, customers may ask for a parking lot too!

Moreover, strictly take design into consideration since you are working in the beauty industry. With a low cost, you can search for a suitable pattern that meets your brand & customers and decorate by yourself!

8. Estimate The Overall Cost For Your Day Spa

low start up business loans