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Why May Spa Management Courses No Longer Exist?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Spa Management Courses nowadays are searched with a high volume on Google, Bing, and many search engines.

Spa Management Course
Is Spa Management Course Still Important?

Why are they so popular?

What are their pros and cons?

And the most important question - the reason why you are here: Why Will Spa Management Courses No Longer Exist?

Every answer can be found here!

Keep reading to find the key to every spa owner's success in spa management.

I. 10 Most Common Challenges Of Spa Management

Spa Management Courses result from the challenges that every spa managers will face with at least once in their career. Let's find out what are the most common challenges when managing a spa of spa managers !

Spa Management Course
Let's share this to everyone so that they could understand your troubles!

1. Employees do not show an aggressive attitude

The relationship between you and your employees largely determines their attitude towards you.

One day...

You start feeling not good about that relationship...

Here may be the solution for you

When the spa managers - staffs relationship is in jeopardy, coaching is the way forward. This have a dual effect on both building a strong connection and solving problems.

Managers need to invest up to 60% of their time in coaching and staff-developing. Ask your employees what are troubling them and help them find viable solutions. This helps to strengthen the relationship between managers and employees and solve any potential issues.

2. Employees want more and more from you

This happens when you let your employees develop their delusions of how well the spa is doing.

If they think the spa is doing great, but they are not rewarded for it, they are going to ask for more.

In this case, the best way to go is to be transparent. Share the winnings, the shortfalls and reduce a bit of the happy talks. Let employees know that you are not underpaying them.

HOWEVER, always know your star players and reward them more then they deserve.

3. Your employees lack initiative

Your employees need challenges and recognition once in a while to keep themselves motivated.

You do not have to invent obstacles for them to overcome all the time. Something as simple as adding a small dose of new energy to the same old to do list will do the trick.

However, bear in mind that challenges need to go hand in hand with worthy rewards. If your employees fail the first attempt, do not be so hard on them. Again, coaching may come in handy here. Show that you care by offering your support to nurture your relationship with them.

In short, you should strive for new challenges, offer suitable rewards, and do not forget to smile.

4. Your employees are looking for a new place to work

A lot of research has suggested that one’s happiness and success are determined by if one’s motivators are met. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily ALL ABOUT MONEY.

Great leaders always know instinctively that if they want their staff to reach their full potential, they need the right amount of motivation.

5. Your staff is speaking ill of you

This will happen no matter how good you are at your job. There is no way to eliminate this entirely, but you can always improve the situation a bit.

Get the monkeys off your back by delegating (entrust tasks to another, but you still keep track of it) and deferring (leave the less urgent tasks to do later). Manage your time well to have some spare hours to coach your staff.

REMEMBER: The closer you are to your employees the less they want to talk about you behind your back.

6. Your spa's retail products are not selling

There are two main revenue streams: in the spa and from retail.

Have you noticed that the retail product’s revenue stream is down yet?

If you have, it is time to change your employee’s attitude towards what you are selling!

REMEMBER: Do not push your customers to buy anything. You are running a spa so do what a spa should do – teach your customers to love themselves.

If you can achieve both goals, encouraging your employees to grow affection to the product and making your customers cherish themselves, selling will follow.

7. Quality control is not easy!

Your spa’s service quality is going down.

This is, in nature, a disciplinary issue. When this happens, remind your employees of the spa’s quality standards. This also serves as a heads up for them that you notice the reduction of quality.

Again, employees need RECOGNITION, so reward those who uphold the standards well and those who show good behaviors.

8. Customers do not return

Quality of your service and the relationship between customers & your business are the two main cause!

What you should care about right now is how close customers are to the spa.

Genuinely care about their lives, give them presents occasionally, verbally thank them, and share secrets, these are a few standard methods to strengthen the bond between your spa and customers.

Some spas even try to run discounts to boost sales. This does work but only in the short term. A lot of times when the program is over, customers lose their only encouragement to visit the spa again.

Except for improving customer experience, another solution is to run loyalty programs. This proves to be much more useful than lowering the price or discount.

9. Getting new customers is a BIG problem!

Discounting is a temptation for customers and managers alike. Customers get excited at the idea of saving money, and you hope for new customers to come or at least know about the spa.

However, lowering the price is HARMFUL in the long run. Once you let customers remember the discounted price, it is hard to get back to the regular price while retaining the flow of visitors to your spa.

10. Time management is so hard!

Have you been working for hours and hours?

Do you feel tired of everything and even get angry at your employees without any reason?

Have you ever started working in the morning and thought that you just worked for 2 hours while it was half of a day?

If all the answers are YES, then, you have a problem with time management!

The only solution is to WORK SMARTER, NOT LONGER ! Focus on where you can make the most improvement.

Spend about 10 minutes each morning, 1 hour at the beginning of each month, and a day each year to set priorities.

Make use of technology to help you whenever you can. The management tools are getting smarter and there is no reason to refuse their support.

II. The Popularity Of Spa Management Courses

1. Why Have Spa Management Courses Been Popular?

Spa Management Courses
Have you ever thought that you need a course like this?

Is working in the beauty field your passion?

Do you have a passion of having your own spa and operating it in your own way?

For spa owners or spa managers, have you ever woken up and been startled for many trends of spa treatments updated while you were sleeping?

Do you have to struggle for many troubles happening day by day with your spa?

This spa industry is growing and changing quickly, which requires spa managers to stay up-to-date on the industry's evolution. Knowing how to open a spa, manage and develop your spa is really important!

That's why spa management courses, especially online spa management courses, are so popular and in high volume of searching on the Internet.

2. What Are Spa Management Courses?

Spa Management Courses
Source: kidskunst.info

First, you have to understand the definition, job requirement and duties of a spa manager.

We will not mention here because each spa industry in each country has its own requirement. For more information, you can refer to here.

What we want to share you is the role of spa management courses in real life!

These courses is an essential factor which helps you a lot in operating a spa.

Joining a spa management class, even online or offline spa management courses, students can improve many important skills to run a spa.

To make each offline spa management courses more practical, the creators of the spa management programs usually give interns more chance to practice at actual spas. A complete spa management courses usually include learning about spa treatments & management, business practices, and hospitality.

Here is the example of what components a complete spa management course may have:

  • Lifestyle management

  • Day/resort spas

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Skin analysis

  • History of aromatherapy

  • Essential oils

3. Pros & Cons Of Spa Management Courses

Spa Management Courses
Source: blog.pslove.com

The benefits you can get are these things:

  1. It gives you the foundation and knowledge of spa management

  2. You can have a chance to talk with experts if you join an offline spa management course

  3. You may get a certificate for the spa management course you join

You will also have to face with the fact that:

  1. Spa management courses take you a huge amount of time and money

  2. What happens if you choose the spa management course that is not suitable for you and you have to study another course?

  3. Joining an online spa management course doesn't give you a chance to practice what you learn!

  4. The trends of the spa industry are updated day by day!

III. Will Spa Management Courses Still Be The Best Choice In The Future?

Spa Management Courses
Source: VectorStock

As you look at the pros and cons of a spa management course, now, you can consider whether you should choose to join one or not.

If you still think spa management courses are necessary for you, we believe that you know what is best for you.


Let's spend 1 minute thinking about the future!

Will spa management courses you join this year still be right in the next year?

Are you sure that you can practice well with all the knowledge you have learned?

Will you spend 2 months or more to join a spa management course while you can only spend 1 day to control everything in your hands?

Are you thinking that learning how to manage a spa in 1 day is impossible?

Now, we will give you the key to open the door of success - The Cloud-based POS.

1. What is Cloud-based POS?

Why Will Spa Management Courses No Longer Exist ?
This amazing thing can change your life!

While it cannot be denied that cloud POS is the hottest trend around lately, it is possible that the heat is created by trend followers.

However, if you take a closer look into what this system has to offer, you will see it is more likely that cloud-based solutions provide ENORMOUS BENEFITS.

Recent research published by Hospitality Technology, an organization dedicated to helping hotels and restaurants better employ technology has shown that 61% of merchants want to switch to a cloud-based system.

To see the different between Cloud - based POS and traditional POS, you can refer to here.

It could be argued that the primary roles of a hotel manager and a spa manager are somewhat alike.

That is to manage space. Is it possible that a desirable system for the former can have the same effect on the latter?

Keep reading to find out.

2. Why Is Cloud-based POS Better Than Spa Management Courses?

a. Real-time data for faster decision making

Spa Management Courses
Source: Medium.com

Managing a spa is a constant process of evaluating data and making decisions. Mishaps are unavoidable but the sooner you address problems, the bigger chance you have of finding a solution.

This is where a cloud-based POS kicks in !

This system allows quick access to your business data from any devices as long as they are compatible with it. Your phone or your tablet, work from your desk or your sofa, you always have real-time updates on your spa.

What this feature can solve: Your time management issue.

b. Great mobility

Why Will Spa Management No Longer Exist?
Is it great to stay at home with your phone?

A system like this is not only beneficial for managers, but it is also a useful tool for your staff.

With a cloud-based system, you and your staff can access information on the go. As everything is stored in one place, your staff can move around the spa with a portable device.

This can be practical as they can have the product’s information anytime they need.

It is extremely useful for the spa as it allows your employees to run a quick check for a retail product’s price or benefits. This is in turn, improve customer’s overall impression.

What this feature can solve: your spa’s retail products are not selling

c. Real-time sales data

Why Will Spa Management No Longer Exist?
Source: Thenextweb.com

Your spa depends on the main streams of the venue, one is your service, the other is the retail product, and you want to keep track of both streams for better decision making.

A cloud-based system supports instant saving of sales data.

There is more !

Sales reports, inventory, and customer data are always updated.

What this feature can solve: your spa’s retail products are not selling and you time management issue.

d. Personalized POS System

Why Will Spa Management No Longer Exist?
Source: Appsamurai.com

Depend on your own needs, you can customize the POS system as you wish.

The choices range from marketing and loyalty programs to accounting. ALMOST everything can be customized to suit our distinctive requirements.

Some managers want an effective staff management function while others want a powerful loyalty program to attract customers.

As your business develops, you can always add new branches and product lines to the system. As technology advances, the system can grow with you and your spa.

NOTE: besides price, features, and customer support, what you should look for in a cloud-based system is whether the provider can help you transfer data from your existing POS system to the cloud-based one.

This can be an intimidating task that you do not want to do on your own.

What this feature can solve: customer an employee management issue.

e. Data security

Why Will Spa Management No Longer Exist?
Source: Rug.nl

A cloud-based system saves information in real time and online, which contributes to data security.

The system operates AUTOMATICALLY, so no one has to care about when or how often the data needs to be backed up.

What this feature can solve: Protect your rights to privacy and minimize the amount of paperwork

f. Low up-front cost

Why Will Spa Management No Longer Exist?
Source: Lifehack.org

A cloud-based system does not usually come with extra hard drives to purchase, which can be installed on your existing computers or mobile devices.

However, the software comes with a price that ranges from free to up to £3,000. The more cash registers, retail products, and vendors you have the larger the money.

A monthly fee is NEEDED to maintain the system performance. It can be as low as £40 to around £130.

None of these above fees are over the head for a typical spa.

The spa is a vibrant industry that sees newcomers emerge every week, if not every day. To maintain a competitive edge over others and manage your business smarter, deploying technology to a certain extent is unavoidable.

Technology waves are a thing now, and they have already come. If you cannot surf over the wave, you will be drowned in it.

What this feature can solve: Decrease HR Costs and save money with a cheap fee

In summary, we are very honored to help you with all the information we have researched for many years. If you are finding a trustworthy and high-quality Cloud-based POS software, we highly recommend you the best BePOS software ever.

Please let us know your ideas by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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