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How To Find The Most Suitable Management Software For Your Spa Business?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Spa management software

You have decided to take the leap and make your dream of owning a spa?

Let’s face it.

Any new business has its challenges. So does the new spa business. When deciding to start a business, spa managers have to consider carefully to many things such as spa business plan, the budget to run the business, the operational structure of their business,...

As a result, incorporating the best spa management software in your business plan can help alleviate the stress that is often involved in running a new business.

This article will give you useful knowledge about spa management software which helps you to find the best one for your business.

Keep reading and figure out the interesting knowledge!

I. What Is Spa Management Software?

Spa management software

Spa management software is designed specifically to meet the needs of spas at hotels and resorts, as well as independently-owned spas and salons. Spa management software assists spas and salons with scheduling appointments, organizing client information, and payment collection. Some solutions even offer automation features and marketing tools, allowing for more accurate inventory records, fewer repetitive tasks, and more targeted messaging.

Spa management software can run alongside more strong POS, accounting, and digital marketing systems, helping the spa business specifically keep cleaner financial records and run more effective marketing campaigns.

II. Why Is Spa Management Software So Powerful?

1. Minimizing tasks for spa managers

It is obviously seen that management software is an effective assistant for any manager. The integration of many features such as customer data management, staff management, source management, ... has helped the spa owner very much in control business operations.

Just with a smartphone and an internet-connected laptop, spa owners can manage their business easily and quickly. The combination of management software in the operation of the enterprise creates a professional environment, significantly reducing tasks for managers.

2. Becoming an online marketing tool for the spa business

The management software is integrated with customer data. Since then, it is easy to raise customer awareness about the spa business. It helps manager determine the exact customer segment the business is focusing on.

Besides, the software helps you come up with suitable marketing campaigns for businesses. From there, it brings a stable source of revenue for the spa. This is also a tool which help increase customer reliability for the business.

Spa software - online marketing tool

3. Ensuring data information security for your business

Using spa management software program will help safeguard the business. The appointment schedule, client information, inventory count, and sales history is valuable. Keep the customer data safe by backing it up automatically or by storing it on the cloud. No need to worry about spilling coffee on the appointment book or about misplacing it from time to time.

Some businesses are worried about data being stolen or modified by disgruntled or departing employees. This is not an issue with spa management software as managers and owners can assign a password for each employee and to determine who gets access to each area of the software.

III. 5 Features That Every Spa Management Software Must-have

features of a spa management software

1. Booking Management

Customers love being able to schedule their appointments online at their convenience. Spa software that provide this feature make it much easier for both clients and service providers to schedule appointments. Appointment reminders via email or text help prevent missed appointments and lost revenue.

By booking online, clients can see a provider’s availability and choose a time that fits their schedule without playing phone tag. Business owners can use the scheduling software features to block off time for cleaning, administrative tasks, or times they need the facility for other engagements.

2. Employee Management

The software enables users to create flexible work schedules, integration, and security with online appointments. It helps the users assign particular services to employees as well as apply discounts to sales and services.

3. Customer Management

Spa management software often creates a large capacity cloud to hold all the data and parameters about your customers. In addition, it can integrate to report customer feedback and opinions about the quality of your spa services. With the collected data, managers can easily capture the technical specifications and provide accurate reports on the number of potential customers and their businesses.

Also, customer information management will help businesses launch marketing campaigns suitable for each customer segment. And can offer customer appreciation programs on special occasions to retain existing customers as well as attract a new customer base.

4. Inventory Management

Many spas and salons sell beauty products in addition to providing services. Those services, of course, use some of that inventory on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, knowing how much inventory is available at any given time prevents the loss of a sale or an appointment.

Spa management software will often contain inventory management features so employees know how much inventory is available and when more needs to be purchased. These features can also show sales trends and which products are most popular so the business can be sure to keep them in stock.

5. POS System

POS software is a requirement of any business providing goods or services to the public. For a salon or spa, spa management software that contains comprehensive POS features will make it easy to manage clients paying for their services or purchasing products in person.

POS features make it easy to process credit card payments, apply for gift cards, and bundle multiple services into set packages.

IV. Top 5 Spa Management Software Highly Recommended To Use

1. bePOS

spa management software

bePOS is one of the most favorable POS system for more than 10 countries around the world. The spa software is integrated with many features to support the management process of spa owners. Moreover, it is connected directly with customers through personal information data, gathering customer feedback. From there, the spa can conduct professional customer care services that meet their needs.

bePOS contains outstanding features of a POS system to support managers:

  • Booking Management

  • Cloud-Based

  • CRM

  • Report

  • Inventory Management

  • Cash Management

  • ​Staff Management

  • Treatment Management

The price is unmatched for users. It is divided into 3 packages:

  • The free package: $0/ month

  • Growth package: $29/ month

  • Professional package: $59/ month

Review from users:

Click here to increase 30% growth rate with bePOS

2. Booker Software

spa management software

Booker Software is an all-in-one spa and salon business management platform that gives the power to run the business anytime, anywhere. The software makes it easy to access the spa business 24/7 from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is also easy for the customers to book appointments and classes—even after business hours—from the website, social accounts, or mobile app.

Booker Software includes outstanding features:

  • Scheduling Management

  • Booking Management

  • Customer Management

  • Employee Management

The price of this software is reasonable:

  • Basic: $85/ month

  • Standard: $135/month

Review from users:

Review from users of different spa software

Review from different spa software

3. SpaSoft

Spa software

SpaSoft Spa Management Software is a user-friendly system that facilitates total spa and activity management. As a result, your staff is empowered to provide impeccable service laser-focused on each and every client.

SpaSoft interfaces with various systems – including hotel property management systems, credit card, and gift card processors, back-office systems, membership billing, and other technologies – to create a seamless flow of guest-centric information.

SpaSoft contains wonderful features:

  • Resource Management

  • Internet Booking

  • Inventory Management

  • POS System

  • Yield Management

  • Club Membership

  • Online Spa Booking

  • Employee Management

Review from users:

Review from customer

Customer feedback

4. Book Steam

Spa management