The POS system trusted

by largest chains

Powering over 1,000 independent retail businesses worldwide

Need hardware?

Transform your device into a P.O.S

  • Turn your iPad into a POS system with our bePOS app.

  • You can sell wherever your customers are with any iOS-enabled device.

You will know more about your Customers

  • Customer buying profile

  • Customer personal profile

  • Instant Facial Recognition

Integrated inventory management

Whether you’re selling in the store or on the go,

we have sophisticated service solutions for your business

Report & Analytics

  • Get real-time sales reports.

  • Search refunds & discounts.

  • Filter reports by individuals.

Inventory Management

  • Adjust the stock.

  • Add item descriptions.

Cloud Base

  • Sign in from any device.

  • Compare results by times

Customer Management

  • Keep track and send digital receipts.

  • Collect instant feedback to improve your service.

Employee Management

  • Set different levels of access.

  • Set hours worked as employee's clock in and out. 


  • Create a promotion message and campaigns.

  • Track results and target specific groups of customers.


Easy to set up and use

The intuitive order and payment flow makes POS transactions a snap and let you effortlessly manage customers and your entire business.

We’ll go the extra mile

We’ll help you set everything up,

train you and your staff,

innovate you to keep crushing your goals.

We’ll be there to answer questions during peak hours,

and even be there at 2 A.M when you’re up working late.

Owners like you have grown their

business by 30% in just one year

You are in a good company

Our POS is powering over thousands of happy customers this busy season.

Check out what features are helping them get ready.

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