​Customer Reviews & Feedbacks


"bePOS is a perfectly fit POS System for us" - From Hollywood Nails


Since using, Hollywood Nails is convinced by the superior quality with various utilities like the golden service.


The most special thing that bePOS

offers is the competitive price is only 60% compared to other sales management solutions, satisfying thousands of businesses worldwide.



"This bePOS software is so convenient that it can manage the process and the commission. I can also assign the authority to the staff.  


I like the step by step process and I can choose the number of required sessions!" - From Ms.Thi, the owner of Vom Spa.


"Managing a spa from phone & IPad is more convenient than current softwares that I can only manage my business on the computer. 

I can find my customer information by typing only the last 3 numbers of their phone number, which is fast and professional. 

​Our customers can book appointment online anytime, anywhere, and no phone call is required. " - From the owner of Thanh Thao Spa.

​Melbourne, Australia

​Hanoi, Vietnam

​Hanoi, Vietnam